I accidentally dumped on approx 30 40%
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Thread: I accidentally dumped on approx 30 40%

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    I accidentally dumped on approx 30 40%

    Ugh it pays to keep your eyes and ears open when deciding if you are making a branch a dump site or pickup. I knew this branch had an overinformed teller who has an eye for silver. I had still sniped a few 40% from her fellow tellers when she wasn't in. I had gotten pretty candid with the mgmt about my moves since they told me they had another collector who was dumping there. They said I could dump there but that they were cutting off the other customer for picking up and then dumping at the same chain. I couldn't discern if he picked up and dumped at this branch or one nearby. I don't pick up at this chain because despite telling me theres no fee for ordering the halves, they dinged me with several charges for coins even though I specified I didn't want them if there was a charge and they assured me there wouldn't be. I had a nice score from the boxes so I figured I'd let it go and start dumping at all but a few locations that were productive for the occasional CWR or that keep boxes of MWR on hand where you can grab a few or all of them.

    Long story short I go to the counter and look at all the trays i could see since my eyesight is terrible. The overinformed teller is at the drive thru. I couldn't see her tray so I ask my guy if I can dump $500 rolled on them. They grudgingly say fine and as she comes over to help with the transaction I see her half tray is all the way full of 40%, no clad in sight. I don't even know what she had in her safe but man I was like a deer in the headlights. I was the only person in the bank and we are on good enough terms I should have brought it up but it seemed too hokey to dump then ask if I could buy her coins.
    Months ago I went and looked for her lost engagement ring ( fruitlessly) and we have talked at length about her silver dollar hoard accumulated from working this branch. I had felt her out about picking up there but she assured me if anything good came by she would snipe it so I shouldn't try and pick up there. Despite sounding friendly about the dumping, when I dump there she obviously isn't thrilled. I guess I burnt this bridge but maybe with some snacks and chats I can let her know I am a less picky collector than she is. This is the third sniper I've met that doesn't collect 40%. It seems they have their eyes on the bigger scores and aren't worried about the small stuff. Thoughts?
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    My experience is (was) that it doesn't matter how good a relationship you have with the tellers. I would buy lunch for tellers...had great relationships. It's management that will be the issue. In both cases where I lost coin buying or dumping privileges, it was the sheer volume of increased coin that caught the attention of management.

    I'd still say in general, you shouldn't dump and buy from the same branch...the people handling the transactions will not be happy. But if you think this bridge is just about burned, and you have other options...go for those 40%ers. The truth is, turnover at banks happens quickly, both with management and tellers. A year from now, you can probably walk in and start fresh, as long as they don't create some now "policy" on coins.
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