Finding interesting dumps
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Thread: Finding interesting dumps

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    Finding interesting dumps

    After I found my wheat cent dump two weeks ago I found another dump. This branch has sniper tellers that claim anything good they see. I don't blame them. I just wonder why when there are so many banks nearby they get ALL the collection dumps. I've picked the tailings of at least 3 great dumps from this bank. I clean up the scraps they are too lazy to collect.
    I picked up $10 in nickels and $30 in dimes. I got to the car and saw 1940 VG written on the first roll of nickels. Sure enough its a whole roll of 1940 P, D and an S . Next roll, 1939! Cool. I figured there would be some war nickels or buffs in the bunch. I Got 39, 40, 46, 47, 49 . I checked the dimes and got a 54 Roosie. I walked right back in only to see the teller close her line and walk out for lunch. The line was epic with only one remaining teller.
    I went for a hunt for an hour and returned. The line was still epic but my teller was back. When I walk in and see a line of this magnitude I normally run, but I had decided I'd stick through it. Everyone was as antsy as I was. A few people dropped out but the line never moved. An hour later I got back to my teller. I asked for quarters, pennies and nickels. I had already cleared out her $30 in dimes and $10 roll of halves that was a bust as always from this branch. She said she had no CWR quarters or pennies. I probably had tipped my hand and she was going to check what she had. I did get another $10 in nickels. I ended up with some assorted older rolls and finally got 3 buffaloes in an unlabelled roll. Only one has a date- 1928. I am going to dump the bulk of the nickels back except the 39s and 38s since they are only VG-G condition and I pass stuff like this up every day. Any reason to save them? Thanks and happy hunting
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    Thats a good score It always seems wierd that people are that ignorant to turn in old coins and rolls with silver and never even think about it. Good for us though lol
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