Rolls of Halves
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    Jun 2017
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    Rolls of Halves

    I was just wondering where people were able to find rolls of halves to look through? I have been to almost all the banks near me and none of them carry any nor will they order them even if I have an account with them.


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    Oct 2009
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    I order my halves from my bank by the box ($500 -- one box per wek). Most other CRHers who post in this forum do the same. I'm surprised that your local banks won't order halves for you -- it's not like it's a huge request. Usually, the hard part is finding a bank with a coin machine to dump the rejects.

    Maybe someone from Georgia on this forum can offer some local banking knowledge.

    In the meantime, keep asking the tellers if they have any halves : loose, rolls -- doesn't matter. Buy all they have.

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    Apr 2020
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    Yeah, I've found that most banks definitely don't like you ordering coins by the box (let alone multiple boxes per week). Many will only do it if you have a BUSINESS account with the bank. Some have said they will charge $0.10 per roll of coins ordered.

    But some banks don't mind. Especially if you ALREADY have an account with them. Asking "if I open an account with you, will you let me order boxes of coins?" is probably not going to go well.

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    Feb 2007
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    Since the shut down I have stopped ordering the 2 boxes every week as the banks i dump the coins at have closed down to walk in traffic, drive up only. But up till the shut down I would stop at every single bank in the surrounding towns and ask the tellers for any and all halves except the bank that I ordered my 2 boxes from. I always was nice to the tellers and would buy any and all they had. Some would save them each week for me and others never had any so they said. But for the most part you have to hunt for them as most banks just don't keep them handy.

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    Oct 2006
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    I actually had to stop my two main banks from ordering because I didn't have the cash to pay for them. Once banks reopen, I'll resume my dump schedule.
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