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Thread: The one that hopefully doesnt get away...

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    Mar 2012
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    I need to go into the office on Friday, so I'm going to try in person instead of over the phone.

    I dumped the halves from the original $200 already, but do have the $300 in quarters still.

    Hopefully being there in person will put a little more pressure on her to make the customer (me) happy.
    And as things fell apart
    Nobody paid much attention

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    Poet—Traveler—Soldier of Fortune

    Mar 2012
    1698 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Well, the rest of the halves got away from me.

    Went to the branch in person today and they told me that they gave them to someone else a few days ago.

    My guess is when they opened the box to give me that initial $200 they saw a ton of enders and called a friend or relative to pick up the rest.

    And as things fell apart
    Nobody paid much attention

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    Feb 2020
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMastermind View Post
    Got a call last week from one of my pick-up banks, they've finally received a box of halves that they promised to order me a few weeks back.

    One catch... they can't give me the entire box, only $200 as a courtesy to me since I was the one who they ordered it for. Apparently, their new policy is to hold onto halves just in case they run out of quarters.

    I called my girlfriend who is a teller at a different bank, and she confirmed: "Yep, that is our new policy as well. We are ordering boxes of halves to have on hand just in case we run low on quarters and need to make change."

    So, anyway, I get to the bank that called me and the teller hands me the $200 in MWR they've promised me:

    Attachment 1848592

    I see those enders and the only thing I can think is: "MAN, I WANT THAT WHOLE BOX!"

    I start opening rolls, and every one has silver. Here's a few of the best:

    Attachment 1848593

    Attachment 1848594

    Attachment 1848595

    Total take from that $200 was 27 keepers, 24 90%ers and three 40%ers:


    1951 x 2
    1952 x 2
    1954 x 2
    1954D x 2
    1962D x 2
    1963D x 2

    1964 x 4
    1968D x 2

    Attachment 1848597

    It was absolute torture going through those rolls, as happy and excited as I was, knowing I might've had a dream box in my hands if I were just able to get the whole box that I had originally ordered.

    I'm pretty hopeful that if I can secure the rest of that box, I will have my first ever dream box. Closest I've come to a dream box was 95 40%ers several years back.

    My plan is to call them back this week after amassing $300 in quarters to ask the head teller if I can trade $300 in quarters for the rest of the box of halves.
    Wow..I am soooo jealous . Silver has finally been picking up a bit here as well after months of drought. Congrats on your sweet silver catch..thats a beautiful sight to my eyes....Continued success in your hunts.
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    Man isn't that the way. Its been few and far between I've been able to pull off the follow up return heist. Usually when I used to get a decent score it was part of a dump that the bank or other hunters didn't recognize as a good score. I've never pulled off getting the whole thing. i did snipe a few small but good loads. Now I don't even bother calling my favorite banks. The lines were already getting too long and coinage scarce before covid. Now, forget it. I called one of my bag branches and they basically were like "not going to happen ever again."
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