Teller tales. I missed an interesting dump wanna-be
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Thread: Teller tales. I missed an interesting dump wanna-be

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    Teller tales. I missed an interesting dump wanna-be

    I stopped by a newer pickup bank for the fourth time. The head teller is really nice and sincere and easy to talk to. I had previously asked her if she has any regular collectors that stop in and she assured me she doesn't. She and her staff aren't interested in coins and she has been saving anything like halves, big dollars etc for me. She has been doing so but no luck on silver. I had debated leaving my number but since shes saving the stuff and I stop in once a week it seemed like overkill.
    Today she said " I wish you were around yesterday. This guy came in with all these nicely wrapped coins in clear plastic holders and slapped them on the counter. I took one look and explained to him that a $5 gold coin is worth more than $5 . He said he didn't care so I suspected the coins were probably stolen and didn't want to get too involved. i told him the pawn shop or anywhere else would be a better place to turn in the coins but he insisted. I said he could turn in the regular coins (quarters nickels dimes etc) and asked him for his account info. He didn't have an account so I told him I couldn't help him. Then he went over to the coin star and dumped the coins in there."
    Interesting story and one I am prone to believe only because the teller is so honest with me. I could have looked the coinstar over more closely but obviously it ate what it was going to eat and due to its position by the registers it draws attention if I pause too long in front of it. For anyone who has watched someone try to feed a coinstar foreign or silver coinage its a breathtakingly frustrating experience. I'm half tempted to bring some beach pennies to clog the coinstar on purpose since I know they can unlock it and see if I can get some second hand coins from the internal reject tray. One time they even dumped the reject tray into a trash bag for me before but only because I had perfect timing walking by. Even then the employee swiped a few silvers that were on top before giving me the dump chalk full of trashy earrings etc. I suspect I would just lose a lot of time and anger them for no gain but best believe the teller has my number now. Its infuriating but inspiring all at once. I'm sure you other guys have encountered situations like this and very rarely we've each had it work out in our favor. I like sharing the war stories since I don't have any trophies to show so heres that.
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    It's all about timing. Us searchers have to rely on several things going our way to get a score. Hearing about a possible gold coin would drive me crazy though. My bank is appointment only due to restrictions so I'm relegated to checking coin star machines elsewhere.
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    Just north of where I used to live is a large Chinese population with many Chinese banks where no one speaks English. (I wounder how they get into this country) I went up to this cute teller and of course may Chinese was bad and her English was worse. I pulled out a JFK and an IKE and she thought I wanted to deposit but after a few seconds she understood. No halves but she had a baggy of "big dollars" I can't remember the exact number but it was about 15 big ones. She counted and I kept my poker face and paid the lady. When I got to my car I spread them out. Most were Morgans and Peace but three were not, they were SILVER ROUNDS all at $1 each.
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