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Thread: Top 10 Most Valuable Error Coins Found in Pocket Change!

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    Jul 2006
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    Top 10 Most Valuable Error Coins Found in Pocket Change!

    #1... 1969-S Penny, Doubled Die Obverse (Except Mint Mark) ...Value.. $35K EF+
    #2...1970-S small date Penny, Doubled Die Obverse (LIB & In God We Trust)...Value..$3K EF+
    #3...1972 Penny, Doubled Die Obverse...Value..$500 EF+
    #4...2004 Wisconsin Quarter, Extra Leaf...Value $200-300 MS-60 up
    #5...2005 Bison Nickel, Looks Like Spear Thru Bison... Value.. $75 AU to $1400 MS-66
    #6...1999 Penny, Wide AM Reverse (In normal Penny, A & M are almost or are touching. In Wide, A & M clearly separated )... Value.. $5-25 Mid Grades, $75-600 MS-63+
    #7...1982 Dime, No Mint Mark...Value..$30-50 AU, More for higher grades
    #8...State Quarter Die Axis Rotation Errors... 180 Degree Rotations Worth $20 EF+
    #9...1995 & 95D Penny, Doubled Die Obverse (Clear Doubling in Liberty, In God We Trust & Mint Mark)...Value..$20-75 AU' More for Higher
    #10...Various Jeff. Nickel Mint Mark Errors... 1941 Doubled D & Large S, 1942 D over Horiz. D, 1949 D over S, 1955 D over S, 1964 Doubled D...
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