Blonde on an airplane
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    Mar 2007
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    Blonde on an airplane

    A blonde gets on an airplane going to california with a second class ticket and walks to the front of the plane in first class and sits down in another persons seat. The guy comes along and says "Excuse me, but you are in my seat."
    The blonde looks up and says "Im blonde, Im beautiful and Im not moving!".

    The man calls the steward(ess) over and says can you get this woman out of my seat? The same thing happens and again she says "Im blonde, Im beautiful and Im not moving!". The steward(ess) goes to get the pilot. The pilot listens and says "Which person are you having trouble with?" and they point at the blonde. The pilot says no problem, Ill get her to move.

    The pilot walks up and whispers in the blondes ear something and she gets up with a frantic look and runs to the back of the plane to her seat. The man and steward(ess) are amazed and ask him "What did you say to get her to move??"

    He said that was easy---I noticed she was blonde so I just told her the front of the plane wasnt going to california!
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