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    Feb 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting


    An old prospector shuffled into town leading an old tired mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon in town to clear his parched throat.

    He walked up to the saloon and tied his old mule to the hitch rail. As he stood there brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young gunslinger stepped out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

    The young gunslinger looked at the old man and laughed, saying, Hey old man, have you ever danced?

    The old man looked up at the gunslinger and said,No, I never did dance, -- just never wanted to. A crowd had gathered quickly and the gunslinger grinned and said, Well, you old fool, you're gonna' dance now and started shooting at the old man's feet. The old prospector in order to not get a toe blown off or his boots perforated was soon hopping around like a flea on a hot skillet and everybody was laughing fit to be tied.

    When the last bullet had been fired the young gunslinger, still laughing, holstered his gun and turned around to go back into the saloon.

    The old man turned to his pack mule, pulled out a BIG FIFTY SHARPS RIFLE, and thumbed the hammer back! The loud, audible click carried clearly through the desert air. The crowd stopped laughing immediately.

    The young gunslinger heard the sounds, too, and he turned around very slowly. The quiet was almost deafening. The crowd watched as the young gunman stared at the old timer and the large gaping hole in the end of the barrel. He found it hard to swallow. The barrel of the BIG FIFTY never wavered in the old man's hands.

    The old man said, Son, did you ever kiss a mule's ass? The boy bully swallowed hard and said, No, but I've always wanted to.

    There are two lessons for us all here:
    1. Don't waste ammunition..
    2. Don't mess with old people.
    Yippee Ki Yay!

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    Jun 2013
    Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland
    Bounty Hunter QD II, Garrett Ace 150 & 350, Fisher ID Excel, Fisher coinstrike, Fisher Cz6, Fisher Gemini II, Garrett AT Pro, Garrett GTI 1500,Teknetiks omega 8000, Nokta Fors Gold
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    So very true
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    To Dig or Not to Dig-That is the Question.

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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
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    and if you know what yer doing you only need one bullet...
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    Whose to say that there was a bullet in the Sharps...

    Cocking back the hammer immediately changed the tenor of the subject...

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    da book worm--researcher

    Feb 2007
    delta 4000 / ace 250 - used BH and many others too
    3623 times
    Honorable Mentions (1)

    well folks who tote single shots temd to keep em loaded

    well folks who tote long range single shot sniper type weapons ( big 50 cal sharps ) in conditions like that (A) tend to keep em loaded and (B) know to make their one shot count and (C) tend to know how to hit what they aim at . -- those big old 50 cal sharps --were made for the most part to shoot buffalo at long range -- lots of meat shooters for the rail roads used the 50 cal sharps to wipe out the buffalo herds --the ideal was to shoot them from far away so the noise of the firing did not spook the herd -- so you just dropped them one after another -- oddly the herds of buffalo didn't tend to spook from them dropping one after the other so long as the hunters didn't get too close --getting too close or being close enough that the herd heard the gunfire however would spook em..
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    Dec 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Believe it
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