"But We Dont Need Any More Money! We Already Have TOO MUCH Money!"
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Thread: "But We Dont Need Any More Money! We Already Have TOO MUCH Money!"

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    "But We Don't Need Any More Money! We Already Have TOO MUCH Money!"

    This is a true story --- I, Chadeaux was there to witness it:

    One day I was working with my late boss (Don Gammel) when he got a phone call from a foreign company trying to loan him money on a signature loan. He just smiled, snickered a bit and then asked her, "Okay, how much money do you need?" This really confused her. By now he had put her on the speaker phone.

    "No sir, we are offering to loan you money!"

    About this time his grin got bigger. "But we don't need any money. We have TOO MUCH money here and we need to get rid of some! How much do YOU need?"

    By this time everyone on the sales floor was trying to hold in their laughter . . .

    "No sir, you don't understand! We are offering to loan you some money!" she said.

    By now he was audibly giggling at her, "But I told you, WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE MONEY! WE ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH! HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I LOAN YOU?"

    Now the whole sales floor was laughing --- out loud.

    Embarassed, the nice oriental lady shyly said: "Bye."

    Said all that to say that I finally got the nerve to try it today. Works as good as ever, so I thought I'd pass this tip along.
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    Lol, I need to try that!
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    I likie it I get those calls all the time

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    My Wife answers those calls with, " Hello! You are on the air with Dr. Ruth, What's your question?"
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