Kens 2017 CRH Log
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Thread: Kens 2017 CRH Log

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    Nov 2005
    18 times

    Ken's 2017 CRH Log

    Used to look through quarter rolls. Decided to pick up a box of pennies at a US Bank last month and here are the results:
    Wheaties: 15
    Canadian: 7
    Errors: very nice 1970 D Lamination error

    More coming soon.
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    Nov 2005
    18 times
    Last weekend picked up two more boxes. This time they are from Wells Fargo in a larger city. Finished the first box last night.
    Wheaties: 13
    Canadian: 2

    Was happy to find a 1918 wheatie and some MS65 (more or less) 1962D, 1981, 1973, 1969S and 1960D.
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    Nov 2005
    18 times
    That second box, really box #3 for the year, was unremarkable...
    Wheaties: 8
    Canadian: 5

    This box was a snoozer... Wheaties were mid 40s to mid 50s, fair to good condition.

    But... The next box had a thriller find, for me anyway. Stay Tuned!
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    Nov 2005
    18 times
    OK... Penny Box #4 of the year I bought from a US Bank in a small town near me; same place I bought box #1. Best box so far, IMHO:
    Wheaties: 25
    Canadian: 11

    The "cool find" here was a 1958 wheatie in near-mint condition that appeared to be silver! After an evening researching and staring at the penny through a good magnifying glass, I determined the penny to be a sort-of "souvenir" penny. Apparently, since 1958 was the last year the US government minted wheat pennies, many companies plated them and they were sold as souvenirs and even made into jewelry. On the penny I found, the plating was not complete; there are places around the edge where the original copper is showing. Not worth all that much but is my best "penny box cool find" so far.

    Also found a beautiful near-mint 1965 penny.

    Definitely going to get more boxes from that bank!
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