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    Quote Originally Posted by basstrackerman View Post
    I don't need to clear the terminalogy .. don't disc or notch if you wanna find the goods.. I'm not a noob. Been doing this since the 70's and have used most machines. Are you calling me out because you think I'm uneducated or to make yourself look better? Just curious. I'm a simple guy and really don't care if you wanna get technical but would that not be better served on a new subject? Like before calling me out for not being so technical just wait to see if people start having questions over my comments then start a new thread? Lmao. Obviously my buddy didn't hear the dime due to whatever was in the ground with the dime, like 7 nails, was pulling the id down into the NOTCH range he was using.. same as my nox as it registered 15 . I read what you said to my buddy. He laughed .. he just took my advice and removed all his notched out numbers and lowered disc.. he don't care about the technical stuff. I do honestly but don't usually bring it up much as my buddies just wanna hunt and find goodies.. V I do read and like your posts and feel they are informative but just wonder why you feel the need to try and enlighten me on the way detectors work..
    Yep, sorry if it came off as preachy. Wasn't trying to be or to call you out specifically as I gathered you know the diff, I was posting for all the lurkers who don't post and ask questions but try to get all the information they can off these boards so they can attempt to learn how to use this fairly complex detector better. It's not about you but for them so they don't go off mistakenly thinking the two settings behave the same. I think I have a pretty good handle on these machines, but still manage to learn a ton off these boards as long as the info is accurate, so that is why I DO pay attention to the terminology and to try and explain the why's behind the whats. Based on the PM thanks and post likes I receive, I think most people are appreciative and get something out of than get annoyed and offended so I am going to keep trying to contribute and learn and hopefully not get too many people bent out of shape when I do it. One of the few times I've torqued someone when we are both in agreement over the issue (i.e., don't notch) but as Abe said, you can't please all the people... Thanks and I'll try to remember to steer clear of the third rail next time. Lol. HH (and fishin' in your case), Bill.

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    Basstrackerman, that was a great example of the dangers of using Notch. And it doesn't just impact the numbers you notch out. The notch isn't that crisp and will affect VDIs outside both edges of the notch...especially on weak signals. And V, I always appreciate you taking the time to break things down and explain some of the more technical aspects of the subject matter.

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    Agree with Jeff H! I've learned so much from Vf as he does make the tremendous effort to thoroughly explain every issue. His writing is incredible, and a perfect match to CD's incredible videos. We are very lucky to be the recipients of their valuable efforts!
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