A dowsing discovery - "Sattelite maps" are wrong
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Thread: A dowsing discovery - "Sattelite maps" are wrong

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    May 2012
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    A dowsing discovery - "Sattelite maps" are wrong

    There is a big problem when trying
    to locate things in a big map.

    You heard that the treasure was there
    somewhere but pendulum went crazy.
    Rods went crazy.

    Pendulum , rods were trying to tell you something.

    The problem may be that we take maps for
    granted because the school system has told us so

    But Wait!
    That is the same system that teaches
    you that dowsing can not be possible?

    But, thanks to help of many people,
    including some on this forum , I had
    the means to reach the following conclusion:

    When we look at the stars.
    When we look form an airplane.
    When we look from low earth orbit.

    We take for granted all the time that light
    follows the classic laws of physics
    that we know.

    But what if it does not?

    Where is your proo
    f that light of the moon
    behaves like light from the street lamp.

    What if earth bends the light from the sun and moon?

    Maybe the moon is higher in the sky
    but because of light bending it seems so low.

    We can not decide where moon actually is so easily.

    The establishment just pushes theories onto the people,
    but it doesn't know also. Only pretends to know.

    Establishment that can not heal many simple diseases,
    do you think it knows where the stars are?

    This is another establishment theory:
    The moon and the sun appear the same size, that is only
    a big coincidence - you know

    That is may be why our maps of big areas are not reliable.

    All of us are using "satellite maps".

    "Satellite maps" are a product of the same
    system that basically teaches dowsing can not exist.

    Let me ask you this:

    If all is so full of satellites in the sky, why the satellite dishes
    never look vertically above you.
    There must be some interesting
    TV channel just above you?
    Try finding one dish that is positioned vertically above.
    There should be millions. But there are not.
    Well, why is that?

    That may be the main problem of dowsing big areas.

    Dowsing by itself is a provocative subject.

    Your family thinks you are nuts,
    old friends look at you funny,
    women do not understand.

    Now claiming that
    "satellite maps" are unreliable
    is even more than provocative subject.

    So, I do not expect a lot of interest in the topic.

    I will be happy to help to all the dowsers that helped me
    or just dowsers that posted good posts on this forum.

    Others I can explain the problem in more detail, for a fee.

    Maybe that will make it possible to pinpoint that
    cache you heard stories about, but the
    ground is just too big to cover.

    I doubt many will post here and open himself to critique,
    dowsers get it too much, you can PM me and we will take it from there.

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    The only problem I have found with "satellite maps" is that the GPS readings may be wrong. Also some of them come up with the north in the wrong position. Yes big maps are a problem. When you get a reading you 200 mile area some times. I want a close up map that area and then I may be up to 300 feet off...Art
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