Relax, dont try too hard
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    Relax, don't try too hard

    One skeptic says anyone can learn to use L-rods in twenty minutes. Many times it takes me that long just to get relaxed. Sometimes I can't get relaxed. I heard Abbe Mermet drank wine when he dowsed, and I've said before that aspirin can help. I would caution against alcohol use. Maybe one drink won't hurt you, but anytihng more will affect your sensitivity and there are many other ill effects involved. It changes the way your brain produces proteins and your brain can take nine months to get back to normal for heavy drinkers after they quit.

    GSR meters can help train you to relax, but expect a few weeks of daily practice. I know some people will say "I'm relaxed, what's the problem?" I'm talking about deep relaxation like you get from meditation. Most people cannot do this, and may be deceiving themself. I really think some sort of GSR or stress reducer equipment should be mandatory to anyone trying to use L-rod type equipment, including experienced people, not to mention failed dowsers, they are the worst offenders.

    Don't ty too hard. This can cause stress. I am certain that many people will have their stress level skyrocket just by holding an L-rod. They unknowingly train themself to stress out. For some people, they stress out even trying to use relaxation equipment! Good exercise has many good effects. I've read that adrenaline depletion can produce extra sensitivity. Also, I never dowse after meals.

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    Re: Relax, don't try too hard

    Thanks for that bit of information!


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    Re: Relax, don't try too hard

    Thanks for the info Mike. I'm becoming more aware that my mood, energy, how I feel, and how much I have on my mind affects my dowsing. One problem is, lately I think I've been mixing physical and mental dowsing too much. Thinking way too much about what I'm doing instead of just relaxing and enjoying it like before. --- Gustav is here, no dowsing today.

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    Re: Relax, don't try too hard

    I've heard that eating a pound, or so, of psychadelic mushrooms can really enhance your dowsing ability....
    We all know there's no such thing as a "hunted out" location. Let's stop using that phrase to describe a park out of which you just dug a pile of coins! Obviously that particular place wasn't "hunted out", right?



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