Do any of you do this?
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Thread: Do any of you do this?

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    May 2014
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    Do any of you do this?

    Consider this situation. I dry wash in a location that is a half mile or more from where I park my truck so I am thinking about keeping the weight carried out to a minimum. That is important when you get to be my age. I am thinking about re feeding all of my collected cleanups as my last run of the day and just taking the one tray of concentrates home. My thinking is that doing so should super concentrate what I have much like what some people do which is to pre pan wet process concentrate to eliminate obvious waste material and reduce the volume of concentrates they take home for recovery eg. mostly black sands. I have sampled my washer tails from a couple of outings and have found no gold in them. That leads me to believe that re running cons will yield the same results...virtually no losses. One thing that got me thinking about re running dry washer concentrates to super concentration is that some times the tray bogs down when there is an excess of larger material in the tray. Stony feed is the nature of the beast where I currently dig and 1/8" and larger stones make up a fairly large portion of collected concentrates. I think re running collected concentrates will mostly save the smaller and/or denser material (heavy black sands and gold) and eliminate much of the waste. That conclusion partially from a tip from the builder of my dry washer which was that adding a shovel of fines through the hopper usually encourages the larger, less dense stones to move on out and make the washer active again....and it does.

    So, the question again; "Do any of you do this"?
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    YEP ! Back when I dry washed I reran my cons the next day to ensure that they dried out over night.
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    Aug 2014
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    I most certainly do this! Especially in an area that I work which has loads of black sand and is a one mile hike uphill to get out. If I do six cleanout for a yard of dirt, I end up with around 30 lbs of cons to carry out. I’ll sacrifice 25 worth of gold to make that hike much, much easier. The cleaned out cons can always be run along with fresh pay dirt next time.

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    Jun 2013
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    Yes, you can do it. We always save our consentrates throughout the day ( or days), then run them to condense all of it down to one tray full for the most part.

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    Aug 2014
    SDC2300, Whippet, 151, GH, shovel, brain
    400 times
    This photo is from a few days ago. I had about 2.5 gallons of concentrates and ran them through my Whippet five times before hiking out of my spot. I can't imagine I lost much in terms of fine gold, considering what's in the pan, and the mile trek up the hill was cake!
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