ground composition vs target question
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Thread: ground composition vs target question

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    ground composition vs target question

    Ok, I think I have seen the answer to this question but cannot remember. On the Equinox 800 I think I read somewhere the tones and TID's are based on the difference between the ground and target.
    So if detectorist A is hunting in ground with more mineral content than detectorist B would not a coin like and Indian head penny give different tones and TID's for each detectorist? Assuming the coin is flat and at the same depth and the both detectorist have the exact same factory settings and setup.

    If this is true then you would have to take user created and posted TID charts with a grain of salt (which I do anyway).

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    On the Equinox, I have found the TIDs to be consistent regardless of whether you have a sat ground balance. Less than optimal ground balance really only affects detection depth (due to the higher ground noise) and/or TID stability on swings which is also a funtion of whether you are at the edge of detection depth.

    Regardless of mode, when in Multi IQ operation, the TIDs are pretty consistent between modes. TID varies slightly if you are in single frequency, however, with TID rising slightly with higher frequencies (haven't studied this closely though because frankly I don't obsess over exact TID numbers as I focus on repeatability and stability and general trends in the indicated conductivity number all as a backup to the audio).

    Here's my committed to memory TID chart:

    Solid 6 or above through 10 - possible gold jewelry (though practically any number from 1 up to low 20's is fair game depending on size and composition of the target. Round juice bottle
    freshness seals are a solid 7 and drive me nuts).

    12 - 15 Pull Tabs

    Solud 13 - Nickels (with rare variation +/-)

    15 - 17 Brass Buttons

    16 -19 Lead Minor Balls

    20/21 - Zincolns

    22/23 - Copper Pennies

    24-27 - Dimes

    27 - Low 30's Small Silver Jewelry

    Low 30's - Quarters

    Mid to High 30's - Big Silver
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    V PM me those numbers. A 1/10 oz American gold eagle coin hits a a soiled 16 if your curious. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0012.JPG 
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    Is that with the staples in the coin holder
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    Agree with vferrari. In all the testing I’ve done with the EQX in a variety of environments here in Florida, the VDI or TID has remained constant.
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