New Improved Huck Finn
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Thread: New Improved Huck Finn

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    New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Seems they're rewriting 'Huckleberry Finn' just so they can eliminate the 'N-word'.

    This offends me. Deeply. I get offended when I send a letter to the editor and he changes it without notation. This far surpasses that as my diatribe can hardly be called literature. Can they still put Mark Twain's name in the author line? Seems the English teachers of today should be more concerned with the butcherization of the language rather then coaxing a reluctant few to pick up a book in the first place.

    I really can't imagine what they were thinking, but they got it wrong. Really really wrong.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Pretty lame, in my opinion. Never understood why a N-word can say N-word but a Honk-y can't, or N-words can call each other N-word, yet become offended if a Honk-y calls them N-word. Twain's works are classics. Sacrilage to edit them. What's next, PC idiots rewriting history?
    I respect your opinion, but not when I know better.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    In Richmond, VA they are taking slavery and the Civil War out of history books, so what they are telling me is that when these children get to college and take U.S. History, they'll be lost and fail the class. I think they need to raise the grade requirement, for teaching about Slavery or the Civil War. For example: don't teach it to them in 5th grade, teach them in 11th grade. Sounds to me that we need to stop lowering the bar and raise it. I have to say that I have enjoyed college and look forward to someone asking me about the true Huck Finn..
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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Gee ! Why not just Burn the books out of our History ?

    They can be glad I Don't have a Kid in school.
    I Wouldn't allow A kid of mine to Read, or hear,
    a Phoney copy in school.

    Or bring a Censored Version of it in My house.

    What next ? take the word Indian out of the History Books ?
    call the Civil War a "Police Action" ?

    Many Twain scholars can't stand it. But Alan Gribben, professor of English at Auburn University-Montgomery, says his new edition is not for them. It's for readers who cannot get past the slur to take in the rest of the book — and thereby understand Twain's opposition to racism.

    Teachers have told him that they cannot use the book in class because parents and students find the language "hurtful" and "injurious." At public readings, he has routinely substituted "slave," he says, and hears "an audible sigh of relief" from the audience.

    "When the younger reader is staring at that word five times on a given page and the instructor is saying, 'Mark Twain didn't mean this and you have to read it with an appreciation of irony,' you're asking a lot of a younger reader," Gribben says.

    Isn't that the reason they are in school ?
    to Read & Understand

    TEACH !!!! "Teacher" !!!!

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Why is anyone surprised . . . some churches have been doing that to the Bible for many many moons.

    If they can change that old book to suit themselves (adding or removing), why not literature and history?

    People, it is important to remember that an educated public cannot be enslaved. The dark ages are evidence of what happens when education is withheld and history rewritten.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    This seems reasonable to me.

    After all most of the text books being used today contain misinformation in every facet. There is a great book called "The Dictionary of Misinformation", if you can get, or read a copy, you will find it so entertaining. Imagine dedicating and publishing a whole book on misinformation alone.

    Here is but one little gem for you.

    What is Big Ben?

    Most will say it's the clock in London.... Right?

    Well it's not the clock, it's the "bell" inside the clock
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    Jul 2005
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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Schools do not teach! The teachers practice the proficiency tests. This is how the schools get funding. Ohio was much worse then West Virginia. If my family and I had stayed in Ohio we were going to home school.
    Just because it did not work does not mean it was not a good plan!

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    They should have got a black guy to write those words into the script and then credited him with doing so....problem solved!

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Quote Originally Posted by texastee2007
    they will have to go back in time to rewrite President Abraham Lincoln's speeches as he also used the n word often. He may have set the slaves free but still thought of them as n....s Sort of a sad thing if you think about it.
    You have to remember, at that time the term "political correctness" didn't exist.
    Then, the "N" word was a common word, and was not meant as derogatory. If we look back at the root of that word, I believe we'll find it in Africa. So I don't think it started as a bad word, but an actual name.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    What next are they going to find all the copies of Gone with the wind and eliminate the part where a member of the serving staff says " Mrs Scarlett ',We don't know nothing about no farming we's house neggers?"
    There that is more to the point.
    cdltpx is my youtube screen name look there I have lots of favorites on many subjects. I also have a lot of subscribers that I have not thanked a single one of them for subscribing. I figure they subscribed same reason I sub to others to learn from what they find or post.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    I'm not sure what the previous post in this thread has to do with the subject...But.......
    Here is an on topic page that might amuse.
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

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    Dec 2008
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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    When my kids were in highschool last year,I would often look in their History books and look thru the chapters to see if they left out anything.You'll be surprised what you'll NOT FIND!

    Take a look,no civil war,no Holocaust,not much on the Korean War,very little on any wars .
    I belive they don't want to make anybody mad!

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Quote Originally Posted by cdltpx
    What next are they going to find all the copies of Gone with the wind and eliminate the part where a member of the serving staff says " Mrs Scarlett ',We don't know nothing about no farming we's house neggers?"
    Honestly makes no difference I will tell you why through out histore human population has remained steady around 1 billion people until we hit the industrial revolution it was then around the 1900's when population took off until it has landed where it is today ~7 billion people. What too happend at that time well we began using oil oil production was in its infancy some places all you needed was buckets to collect it. Now we seek it in 15K ft of water the low hanging fruit has been used and we are left with ever more challenging discovery and production methods. We have passed an era called cheap oil crossed over the peak production of this resource and if population has remained linear with the production of this resource then so should its decline. We are about to enter the most challenging period of human history an era where fiat currency shall be worthless. This is evidenced in the cost for oil gold silver and soon food. Why food because according to Michael Ruppert it takes some 11 calories to produce 1 calorie of food in the so called free world when we loose the benefit of this cheap oil we shall too see sharp decline in the production of food.
    Proof is in the history Soviet Union break up caused disruptions in supply of oil two nations dependant on that oil handled the crisis very differently Cuba told her subjects to farm every inch of ground around if you saw land that was dormant grow something on it they did and Cubans have eaten better as of late than they have in the entire rule of Castro.
    North Korea on the other hand is a system where the leader is worshipped they didn't get that memo from Cuba and if they had they could not have grown anything because their leader dictates every living second of these peoples lives and they starved to death they starved to death in the millions.
    We are so close to where these nations were and what has our government chosen to do? Pass HR2751 the food safety bill AKA the patriot act of food. They are trying to take the North Korean route in the original bill S510 they would have you buy permit to grow fish farm process transport food, you could be penalized criminally for infractions and ect ect. This bill is the wrong direction we should be doing as in Detroit where they are working community gardens in an organic agriculture method just as in Cuba. This not an ism this is survival and the people that grasp this and makes the changes are going to be the ones that wrote of the great extenction of homo-sapiens hydrocarbonous. Your most valuable resource will not be your gold or your money that system is gone your most valued posession shall be your seed your children and your crops. We must get our hands on quality seeds and we need to learn to cultivate ASAP your very life your childrens lives depend on it.
    When we look at all the lives snuffed out in the last hundred years 6 million Jews, 20-40 million Russians 80 million Chineese 6 million Cambodians, and that is just genocide and concentration camps it doesn't list all the wars. Those death numbers are but a flash in the pan compared to the loss of 5.5 Billion people. Oil will not dissapear instantly it will go through it's market woes but when it reaches the point where 10 calories of energy is expounded to get 5 calories of oil the game is up no amount of money will cause the alteration of a system that has been in place to provide food for the greatest of the population of the planet. Many areas animals will be hunted to their limits the fish shall be decimated in a vain attempt to support life as we know it.
    Now thats deep.
    As far as the topic of this thread goes....Alabama-based NewSouth Publishing is the company responsible for removing the "N" word from this brilliant novel. Even some African-American scholars say NewSouth’s new modified edition “whitewashes” an American masterpiece and creates a slew of social ills.

    Twain himself did not take kindly to editing, Hirst says. When he discovered a printer had made punctuation changes to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, he wrote that he had "given orders for the typesetter to be shot without giving him time to pray."

    ---Now those were the days!

    Personally I agree with Randall Kennedy, Harvard Law School professor and author of a book on the history of the racial epithet in question, says that the term is historically appropriate and that "trying to erase the word from our culture is profoundly, profoundly wrong."
    Swapping "slave" for the epithet is not the same as, say, rewriting Chaucer from Middle English into contemporary language to make it more accessible, Kennedy says. "This isn't to make it more accessible. This is to cover up a word that hurts people's feelings and is just a very volatile word."

    --another classic example of the pu55ification of America. Welcome to the new America, just one step closer to the NWO.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    [quote=diggummup ]

    I could'nt agree more with the professor.
    We think in words, therefore, if we evade the accurate terms for what we're discussing, over time it will alter our thoughts about them. I refuse to allow anyone the privilege of reshaping my thoughts by constricting my vocabulary.
    They're not "gay.." they're homosexuals.
    They're not "black.." they're Negroes.
    They're not "homeless.." they're street-dwelling bums.
    They're not "non-marital births.." they're illegitimate children.
    It's not "a woman's right to choose.." it's abortion as contraception.
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Makes me think about starting a website to translate the news from "politically correct" to plain english . . . I'd probably end up being sued, but since there's nothing to take the joke would be on them


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