eBay scam part 2
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    Apr 2010
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    eBay scam part 2

    Ok so I dont get a reply for two days then I send this:

    Dear rspott53,

    Still waiting to hear from you regarding the composition of this coin since you relisted other items it would appear you have been on ebay recently enough to get my message- your listing reads "Silver Dollar" but there are many Ikes from that time period which contain NO silver. I would like you to confirm this is in fact the silver variety, and if not, I would like you to cancel the sale - you DID advertise it as "silver" after all. I do not want to contact eBay regarding this so please get back to me ASAP

    And the next day this comes:

    Dear tenseventyfive,

    If you buy a silver Buick do you assume it is not made of steel?
    - rspott53

    which makes NO sense at all, followed by:

    Dear tenseventyfive,

    My guess is you are smart enough to know which coins have some silver in them, or at least you should before bidding. You just like to screw with people, don't you?
    - rspott53

    um....ok? so I of course find this unacceptable and reply -

    continued on post 3
    2011 Silver totals:
    Franklin - 1
    Walkers - 5
    1964 - 6
    1965 - 2
    1966 - 2
    1967 - 3
    1968 - 6
    1969 - 5
    Silver Quarters- 30
    Silver Rosies- 21
    Mercs - 1
    Canadian Silver - '63 dime
    Wheaties - 127
    Canadian - $46.83
    Euros - $11.50
    Pounds - $12.70

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    Re: eBay scam part 2

    Think I'll wait for the sequal...

    The boy did have a point...a buyer should be knowlegeable before bidding...

    Looks like you did your homework...

    Good lesson learned



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