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Thread: Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?

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    Yup,its a 1996 ford taurus station wagon.damn good shape too.No rust no rot 115,000 miles on it.though I did put around 1200 into it.New gas tank,struts,tierod,balljoint,tune up, mass airflow sensor.Most of my cost was in labor,i dont have a garage and im not working on a car when i'm freezing lol.

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    I used to do my own repairs, but I'm creakier than my car. The most expensive car I have purchased since 1993 cost $3000. I drive them till the wheels fall off. My favorite saying is "why should I buy a whole car when all I need is a transmission?
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    after all that, how do you guys feel about corporations having the same rights as human citizens ala Citizens United? Is money speech and if it is, how cheaply was your representative bought?
    when you tug on a single thing in nature, you'll find it's connected to the rest of the world. John muir

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    I worked at sears years ago and they didn't run a lean or smart operation. Times change and businesses that don't fail. Instead of looking at stores look at total retail sales. Bet they are not bottoming

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    When it became easier to veg, at you puter or TV....they had their foot in the door...who truly wants to work hard, or in that case do anything...people did it back in the day cause they had to but now that isnt even the way...a human will pick a path of least sitting on a couch feeding your face and staring at a TV or puter is the way of the land now...

    I have wished for a while now that the grid would go down, just to thin out the sheep...just so it is clear what side we all stand on..

    The people aginst guns I bet would be the first to fall, cause if you wont stand for the 2nd, nothing else will have your
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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacker View Post
    And Amazon offers free shipping.
    YEP! Do it PLENTY...

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    Buying on line isn't always painless. I was doing a remodel in my bathroom and wanted a Mexican sink. If you've never seen one they are very colorful with designs that can look like a kaleidoscope. They are china and fragile. So instead of buying online I downloaded the image of what I wanted, went to a store here that sells such stuff. I cold tell the owner was surprised to see me matching the design with what he had. The price was twice but it wasn't broken and the bucks stayed local.
    The other item, a Mexican mirror I couldn't find so I ordered it on line. Two months later, I'm still waiting. Nothing perfect here.
    There is often a difference, especially with face to face service and keeping the money local. Growing up about all that was bought mail order was from Sears.
    The internet is an American invention. It might have been made for the military but like the GPS and other things they found a way to the world.
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