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Thread: 2011 Ford F150 truck problems, Im really POd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tpmetal View Post
    the only thing I miss from my old dodge was that 12 valve Cummins. One of the best engines ever made in my opinion. But I got sick of replacing front ends and doing electrical work on it and had to get rid of it.
    I guess Iíve been lucky, in the almost 20 years Iíve owned my truck I just finally replaced front wheel bearings and ball joints...
    I agree best diesel you can get
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    Thanks Relchair, was going to bookmark, but it's kinda short & simple, thanks again.
    Yeah, it's a 4wd, too. Nice truck, owned by 1 little old lady, her husband bought it for her, hauled it on a trailer to many different jobs all over the country.
    The truck SAT more, than it was driven. The Mr said he never seen it driven, just sat....

    I really admire Dram94, his knowledge, ability, & his workshop.
    My Dad & Uncles always made me do my own car work (with "oversight", of course"}, the harder stuff, pulling gas tank, changing flywheels, etc, I'd let the guys have at it...
    Dad would always say, "Have the starter (or alternator) off it, by time I get there"....
    I like "old school". Just basics & fundamentals, not crazy about bells & whistles,
    or the college course one needs, to work on all the bells & whistles.
    Thank Dog for youtube & forums, like this, lol.

    "Step 1
    Turn the ignition to the "II" position.
    Step 2
    Check the dash lights. The ABS sensor light should come on for a few seconds, and then go off. If it stays on, then you'll need to check the ABS system with a visual inspection.

    Step 3
    Turn the steering wheel on the F150 all the way to the right. Look at the brake system on the front driver's side of the vehicle. With the wheels turned all the way to the right, you should be able to easily see the ABS sensor mounted to the wheel bearing assembly. There are two wires coming out of the sensor. The sensor is a small black box secured to the wheel bearing and hub assembly. It monitors the rotation of the rotor and wheel, checking to see if there is ever a stop or break in rotation while the vehicle is moving and the brakes are being applied. If the wires are broken or damaged in any way, your ABS is failing and needs to be serviced by a brake shop. If the wires look fine, repeat this step for each wheel. To check the passenger side wheel, you may need to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. To check the rear wheels, you'll need to climb under the rear cab.
    Turn the ignition off if all of the ABS wires appear to be normal and in-tact at the wheel hub. Wait 30 seconds and turn the ignition back on to the "II" position. If the ABS light remains on, the ABS is malfunctioning. You may have a bad sensor at one of the wheels. You'll need to have this component serviced by a professional brake shop."

    Seems to always end with, "take it to be serviced by a professional"....
    Guess the husband thought I needed a new project....

    It is a nice looking truck, I'll try to get ya'll pics later....

    when it's not raining, which should be like, in

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselram94 View Post
    I guess I’ve been lucky, in the almost 20 years I’ve owned my truck I just finally replaced front wheel bearings and ball joints...
    I agree best diesel you can get
    yeah problem is they are so loud as trucks people never hear/feel them going, most only notice by the time the front tires start to wear super unevenly. Even then they will drive forever just like that until you snap that u joint in half lol. I remember those wheel bearing on my 98 were a bear to get off. Dissimilar metals pressure fit.......means they become one part here up north in winter time salt land. Ended up using my power steering and a wrench extension to pop off the bearing and rotor assembly....poor truck lol. My dream was always to drop a cummins into a old 70's or 80's chevy, and rhino line everything that doesn't move lol. I swear that engine could have every single piece of truck fall off it and it would still vibrate and rumble down the road.


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