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Thread: So depressed, dog missing

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    Feb 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by PullTabSlayer View Post
    Most dogs will find their way home if left alone, however most people that see a dog wandering wont leave it alone, odds are someone took him in.
    Nailed it - Got him back today.

    The night he disappeared and I was driving around looking for him, I saw a lady walking and stopped and asked is she had seen a dog, she said no.
    Me and my nephew put up a bunch of flyers next night, today at work I got a call, she said are you the guy who lost a dog ? I said yes, she said I know where your dog is. I said where ? [Wasn't too excited with this, she really sounded flaky to the point of being mentally handicapped, so I thought there was a good chance she was playing games].
    She said he is tied up in a yard ,, I asked her how she knows its my dog, she said I have seen you walking your dog before, I am the one you stopped and asked if I had seen your dog. I know your dog, it is him.

    So that perked me up, I again asked where and she said she would like to meet in person and tell me, and asked there is a reward, right ? [She had seen one of the flyers we put up, thats how she got my number]
    I said yes indeed. Luckily I was working only 15 minutes away so I arraigned to meet her at my noon break.
    So we met and she told me exactly where he was, she said I just saw him, he is tied to a garage in the back yard. She asked please please, don't tell them I told you, just say you were walking around and saw him. I said don't worry about that, I'm getting my dog and am not going to take any questions from these guys.
    It was right down the block and as I pulled up I saw my dog and he heard my truck and stood up, he was roped to a garage. So I slammed on my brakes and jumped out, by the time I got to the gate he was there, must have easily slipped off the rope .
    Gate was tied with a long bungy in knots, I had a razor knife on me and cut it and recovered my boy. Didn't hear or see anyone from the house.
    Took him home, couldn't spend time rejoicing as I had to try to make it back to work on time, so before I sped off back to work I went back to the lady and gave her $100.

    Guys that had my dogs are arabic teens, no telling what they might have had planned, maybe to sell to a cousin as a junk yard dog in Detroit or something. Disappointed my dog allowed himself to be captured like that, hopefully will learn a lesson - When I got him in my truck he was shaking like a leaf, apparently 2 days and nights tied to a garage wasn't much to his liking.
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    Jul 2012
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    Very glad to hear you got him back! One lesson from this is to lock your gate. In the event someone wanted to steal him, it means they'd have to lift him over the fence. Not a big deal, but just one more obstacle for them to overcome. The lock also prevents kids, or anybody else, from leaving the gate open. There are professional dog thieves among us. Large breeds are especially desired. Don't make it easy for them.

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    Feb 2005
    MI USA
    Deus XP, AT Pro, Racer 2, Ace 400
    2281 times
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    Not too worried about a backyard theft, he is very protective of the property and would likely attack intruders, outside he is just the opposite.

    Wouldn't be a bad idea anyhow, my last dog learned how to lift the latch with his snout, didn't put a lock on it but a put a carbiner clip in the hole to prevent him from nosing his way out. Anyone could take out the clip, but beyond a dogs capabilities.

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    great news so happy for you

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    Aug 2017
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    I'm happy you got your pup back!!

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    Jul 2015
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    Great news,, I would cruise by the house where you found him. If you spot another dog tied up in that yard, it's time to call the ASPCA, or whatever it is called in your town. These guys may be up to no good.

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    Nov 2012
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    File a police report. May prevent someone else's animal from getting "lost".
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    Dec 2012
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    the radio here in my town reported that some dogs are being taken, mutilated then returned

    there are some very sick people out there
    if you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone/ carry on (fun)

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    Feb 2005
    MI USA
    Deus XP, AT Pro, Racer 2, Ace 400
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    Quote Originally Posted by against the wind View Post
    Great news,, I would cruise by the house where you found him. If you spot another dog tied up in that yard, it's time to call the ASPCA, or whatever it is called in your town. These guys may be up to no good.
    Good idea, in fact I have been eyeballing that house and easily visible back yard every time I go by there.
    I detailed how I had to cut a bungy rope knotted around the driveway gates to get my dog out, these guys are so lazy and stupid they can't even fix a gate latch, they have a bike roped up to the gates [probably the same rope they used to tie up my dog] to keep them shut.
    Come to think of it, I have seen dogs there before, during the summer I remember there was a nice husky/shepard mix and I walked up to the gate to let them sniff noses, never seen him after that - And I keep track of dogs, there aren't many around here.

    As far as a police report, don't think I have any basis for doing that. As far as they are concerned, they found a stray dog and restrained him. I might even get a ticket out of it for failing to keep my dog under control.

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    Aug 2016
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    Very glad you were reunited with your dog! Can't understand why some people on this planet do what they do!


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