Watch: Here’s Two Of The Dumbest Damn Criminals Walking The Planet Right Now
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Thread: Watch: Here’s Two Of The Dumbest Damn Criminals Walking The Planet Right Now

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    The Truth

    Watch: Here’s Two Of The Dumbest Damn Criminals Walking The Planet Right Now

    Watch: Here’s Two Of The Dumbest Damn Criminals Walking The Planet Right Now

    Supposing the Three Stooges planned a robbery, it would STILL go better than this. Epic Fail.

    A Chinese security camera caught a couple of bright sparks trying to smash their way into a business. It didn’t quite go as planned.


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    Darwin at work.
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    Whoa! That made me laugh, with friends like that....
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    Throws like a girl.
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    A real brick head !
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    Really, wonder what the chance are that they try that one again Brainsurgeons all! NOT! Mine didn't break it, let me walk out the way into your throw path, DUH! Excedrin, PLEASE!
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    Jan 2016
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    That China man zigged when he should have zagged!
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    This one is still my favorite...

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    Excellent hit with a brick! Good lead and release timing....Right on the button.
    His partner just needs to return the hit ,and all will be well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggummup View Post
    This one is still my favorite...
    You posted that a long time ago now. I enjoyed it just as much as I did then
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