WATCH: Unfazed Bar Customer Lights Cigarette During Armed Robbery
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Thread: WATCH: Unfazed Bar Customer Lights Cigarette During Armed Robbery

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    WATCH: Unfazed Bar Customer Lights Cigarette During Armed Robbery

    Amy Furr 30 Aug 2019

    <Video on site>

    A bar customer did not bat an eye when a suspect pointed a gun at him and proceeded to rob the place in St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday morning.

    Surveillance video shows five people inside the bar when a man carrying a heavily modified pistol enters the building. Everyone except one man sitting on a barstool raise their hands and hit the floor as the alleged thief approaches and points the gun at him.

    The customer, Tony Tovar, said he was not about to let the suspect ruin his day.

    “I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move,” Tovar recalled. “I’m so tired of people in south city trying to muscle their way in with firearms or bad attitude or some kind of aggression. I wasn’t gonna comply.”

    The video shows the suspect as he tries to take Tovar’s cell phone but is unable to yank it from his hands. He then makes his way behind the counter as Tovar lights up a cigarette, seemingly unperturbed by the man’s actions.

    The thief then grabs something off the counter and proceeds to force one of the customers to stand up and produce his wallet.

    Moments later, the suspect takes bartender Dustin Krueger behind the counter and directs him to open the register. The bartender then lays down on the floor as he takes the money and puts it into his pocket.

    Finally, the suspect turns to leave while everyone except Tovar watches him exit the building.

    Krueger later told reporters that Tovar was not going to let the thief scare him.

    “He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,'” Krueger said, adding that “my biggest concern was for the people that were sitting there.”

    Reports said the thief, who has yet to be identified, made off with some cash and a few items belonging to customers. No one was injured during the incident and police said the investigation is ongoing.
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    Back in my Smoking Days I Would have inhailed 2 Of them in the Period.
    He didn't have to Pull out his Wallet Either. But he did Rob his Buddy Beside him.

    I Thought He did take his phone From him, & the Guy didn't Shut up while sitting there

    I Wonder if he knew him
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    I bet when he sobered up he contemplated AA
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