missing little girl.
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    Apr 2008
    central new york
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    missing little girl.

    i went by the site where we found Sarah Ann Wood's bike. and her home. it was about 200 feet from home. she was headed there. it was an innocent work trip, and i didn't even think about it 'till i saw that spot. she was abducted and not sean since. we couldn't find her. i think she was eight about eight years ago. i would have to check my records for sure. i have had tears running all day since. her abductor was caught trying to grab another girl. she got away. police got him. he admitted to taking her and killing her but won't disclose the location. i hope he rots in hell! thank you all for listening to me. this is something i will never forget. very traumatic.
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    Nov 2007
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    Re: missing little girl.

    Hello, I don't have the right words to properly express myself for your trauma but I feel for you
    and pray that god will help and comfort you. Ray, karenray08
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    Dec 2006
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    Re: missing little girl.

    Hey my friend

    Remember God will take care of the vengence this fellow deserves
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    Re: missing little girl.

    He may not get what he deserves now but, he will on judgement day! I feel so bad for you I know how it feels to be on a search party and not find the child, it was not an abduction but it stillhurts when his remains were found about 3 months later and probably 50 people had walked past the pond he was in!
    This is the day the Lord hath made we shall rejoice and be glad in it!

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    Apr 2008
    central new york
    2 compass coin pros

    Re: missing little girl.

    thank you all and bless this family. they have been there and back. Bill
    if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!

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    Jan 2007
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    Re: missing little girl.

    Bill, Your an amazing person!



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