Summer road trip?
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    Dec 2007
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    Summer road trip?

    I just read a tale of a 1,400 mile roadtrip by a very energy conscious person who relocated his place of residence. He was certain it would be the last, for his lifetime.

    Much dialog about lack of RV's on the road and generally far less traffic. Empty motels & such.
    He mentioned the noticeable drop in fuel mileage when he got to a state that used ethanol mixed in the gasoline. He said he saw many more motorcycles than in the past.

    Oh! There was a comment by another reader.... Seems HIS friend is among the top RV salesmen in the country... claims he sold 5 HUGE RV's last week, and the people with bucks are just not concerned with fuel prices.

    I recall the days of family vacations. Back when petrol was cheap.
    ...and hot rods and muscle cars...
    Growing up we took many short family drives, 'in the country', and extended weekend camping trips.
    Every few years, a long family vacation by car.

    I can't see that time will ever be back, for the majority of folks.
    Young people are going to look at us in disbelief when we relate such tales.

    Usually this time of year we see an almost endless string of motorhomes and lifted monster trucks with toybox trailers and sandrails headed to the Pismo dunes from the central valley. NOT this year!

    My rockhound friend has probably returned from his last roadtrip.
    He's retired, financially OK, beginning to have health probs, and flat out was NOT concerned with the cost of travelling in his motorhome because he figured it would be his last big outing opportunity.
    I'll need to check on him, since he's back now.

    Anyone out there planning a trip?
    ...or NOT planning to take a trip this year?

    I am a pathological liar and a functional illiterate.

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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Summer road trip?

    We got back from an 800 mile excursion to S.W. Missouri to visit our kids and grandkids.
    14 hours behind the wheel each way.
    Were too broke do go anywhere no except to group our shopping w/multiple stops, driving slower and coming home.
    Wifey still works, im retired and just hang around the house due to the high costs of diesel fuel.

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    Oct 2007
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    Re: Summer road trip?

    going to have a campout this coming wknd. hubby and i are going to foot the bill for all the kids . like a family reunion. with the way things are going might be the last vacation for the kids and grand kids for awhile with the price of everything.



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