My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!
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    My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    Hi all,

    Here is the update:
    I got up at 4:30 am and went down to the "circle" in the center of the "Old Town" Orange. I arrived at 5:30 am just in time to see the old house pass by. I stopped by Watsons Drug Store and Soda Fountain for coffee and conversation with one of the media people.

    As the sun started to rise I got to the lot to start the search. I don't remember if it was the first or second hole I dug but the first and most outstanding find turned out to be a 1903 Liberty V Nickel. And there was nobody around to see me do the happy dance. It will take some tumbling to get the crust off but I was able to see both the date and the word "cents" on the reverse. This immediate success carried me through the rest of the day. Good thing! The balance of the days finds were a 1948 Jefferson nickel, a 1955 wheat penny with a large existing scratch from the top of the head down through the mint mark. I was also able to find a few relics too. First, a brass watch fob from the manf. DeLaval, 3 steel buttons of various styles(one was 2 piece with the word "pilot" 3 times on theback), and then in a 2ft wide x 3ft long x 18" deep hidden trash pile I found 1 complete roller skate with all for wheels, a pulley in 3 pieces, an old thick chrome fender with fragile chrome plate, and various large pieces if iron. The thick layer of built up rust is probably the only thing holding the parts from the pile together. I searched a little more and found a few memorial pennies. As I was about to call it a day I was over the small sidewalk that runs from the front steps over to the driveway and I start getting a strong "copper" indication. Even my borrowed Bullseye II pinpointer thought it was near the top. I thought it might have been a spill of copper pennies just under the cement. But it was getting dark and I had to leave it until Monday morning before I would discover that it was a spent shotshell actually imbedded 1" deep in the cement. Fortunately, the mark I left in the cement with my 3 lb. sledge the night before weakened it enough to crack right beside it and I was able extract and clean it up pretty well. The headstamp was; 1901 @12, No. @9, 12 @3, and repeater @6. The "Winchester" made shotshell was only produced from 1901 to 1920, according to the internet research I did on it. So that was pretty cool too!

    Sunday night I researched the watch fob and the Liberty Nickel, and I have included a couple of representative photos to show what I hope they will look like after a turn in the rock tumbler. Right now they both have a thin plating of crud. Also I have links to the follow-up story along with 3 videos. Thanks for all your good thoughts and good luck wishes. Maybe my turn for gold will be next time. All in all I had a great time.
    and videos:

    Have a happy beeping day,

    Steve, Got_4by4, Fullerton,California

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    Re: My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    Very good finds and a great post too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep at it.

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    Re: My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    Sweeeet! I would be doing the happy dance too! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    Nice blow-by-blow, pix, etc... thanx. It can be fun to hunt when they move old houses.

    One place I try first, is under the veranda style porches the old victorians always seem to have. For some reason, coins sometimes make it through the slats..... as if ...... maybe in yesteryear, there were slight gaps between the slats, and children might play on porches, etc... Also just under houses in general, because people would store things under there. And also go figure: Although persons don't go under their house very often, but when the DO, guess what position they're in? They're scuttling on their belly or back, to access plumbing, wiring, etc... for repairs or whatever. And that position is prime for things to fall out of your pocket. I had a friend who worked for a cable TV installer. He used to always be loosing his cigarrette lighter, coins, etc... when scuttling around under homes, that he eventually learned to use the type coveralls with zippered pockets.

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    Re: My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    nice pic of the old house going through the circle. i love the fair there at the historic orange. sweet house an find.

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    Re: My 1st "old" house,UPDATE!

    How did you find out about the house. Was it from newspaper?



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