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    Jul 2005
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    Back To Belle Isle

    Had an interesting day at Belle Isle this past Wednesday.

    Rick, Jim, & I went back again for the 2nd Wednesday in a row. We were there all day. In the first few hours a few cops drove right by us and just waived, so we figured no big deal. Anyway, after about 2 hours a cop stopped Jim and I and talked to us for about 10 minutes. He informed us that is was illegal to detect on the island. He said park rules stated that you cannot dig in grassy areas in Detroit Parks. He also informed us that...get this...

    IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ILLEGAL TO DETECT ON BELLE ISLE...Its just never been enforced. Now its gonna be.

    He said that the rules about "no diggin in the grass" is really not against detecting though...the rule started years ago because people would dig up flowers.

    Anyway, he also told us that he wasn't going to write us a ticket. He said he wasn'y going to do anything, but he couldn't promise that another officer wouldn't. He just wanted us to be informed that we could be written a ticket. This was at about 11am...and actually a few other police officers talked to my friend Jim, being interested in what he was doing. They said they thought it was cool. So we took our chances and it was fine.

    I swear's all just a way for Detroit to make money. People up high want these cops to write tickets for stupid crap like this so that the city can make money and that way these city officials can keep embezzeling it. haha.

    When we pulled into the parking space, there was a full babies diaper laying in the parking space next to the truck. There was a trash can less than 10 feet away. Nice. In the spot where we were detecting last week...there were huge ruts in the grass from city workers who drove across the grass to pick up and empty a trash can. I mean...these ruts were 40 yards long...

    The funny part is that the trash can was only about 20 yards on the grass, but the city truck drove on an angle to get there instead of backing up to it. PURE LAZINESS!!!!

    We all looked at that and said...thats more damage to the grass, BY A CITY WORKER MIND YOU, than all 3 of us would cause if we detected there all year.

    What a joke.

    Anyway, I managed 3 wheat pennies and a 1901 Indianhead. Jim got another 20 wheats, an indianhead, and 4 silver coins. He got a 1902 Barber Dime, 2 Mercs and a roosevelt. Rick got about 10 wheats and a silver roosevelt.

    Not too bad a day.


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    Re: Back To Belle Isle

    That's crazy the cops have other things to be doing than messing with you. But I guess its good you didn't get a ticket, and I was going to head out there on Sunday but I guess I will let things cool down for awhile. Wtg on your finds and thanks for the info.


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    Re: Back To Belle Isle

    Good digs, and you are right. many cause way more damage than we ever will!
    "There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure"
    Mark Twain

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    Re: Back To Belle Isle

    You handled yourself well. And yeah, funny how the workers did more damage then you did.

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    Re: Back To Belle Isle

    that's pretty crazy, glad you stuck it out and pulled some nice coinage.

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    Re: Back To Belle Isle

    Sounds like a good, productive hunt. WTG



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