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    F-75 and Salt and Sand

    I've recently started hunting ocean beaches but am having a helluva time with the correct settings. The machine chirps and squawks and falses high every other second. Anyone have this problem and can recommend a solution? I've made the obvious adjustments to the discrimination and balance but no luck. Any help will be appreciated!
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    Re: F-75 and Salt and Sand

    Salt is very hard for any machine to hunt in. Make sure you are on best frequency then do a good ground balance then try turning your sensitivity down till manageable. You still will get great depth at 30-40 sens setting.

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    Re: F-75 and Salt and Sand

    give mr tinfoils setup a spin

    1. Put it in all metal. Set Sen. to 80, Threshold to -1, and pull trigger and push button till you get it to F7. This way machine will run quite for you
    2. G/B, manual G/B that is. it will G/B around 6 to 0 depends where you G/B. I just go down to the wet sand not the water wet sand and G/B. Usually will G/B out around 0. Remember there are 5 clicks between each number and this is important at the beach.
    3. Now when you sweep you might get a little whirrr sound, don't pay any attention to it. It is just a little ground flutter due to the wet salt sand if you are in the wet part.
    4. Ziz Zag find the coin line. You know that.
    5. Now this is the most important part after you get things set up. Small bad iron targets will give you a BaDa audio. Large pieces of rusty iron including bottle caps will give you a loud BAAAAAAA audio. I son't know what the green hienikin bottle caps sound like so you have to figuare that out . Let me know what audio you get in all metal on them.
    6. Good targets above iron or 15 ID number will give you a Zip Zip audio every time. Unless the target is on edge it will read close to the regular ID numbers as long as you get the target centered. On edge the numbers will jump a little. Just go ahead and pinpoint the target and dig your ass off.
    It is really fast even in the wet sand. The only thing I get in the real bad black sand is that little flutter but you should run pretty smooth. Anytime you get a Zip Zip dig the target. I don't even look at the ID unless I hear a Zip zip zinc audio and they will hit around 45-50 with a nasty Zip Zip. Dig a few hundred and you will hear what I am talking about. I don't dig Zinc's when I am in a hurry. The Gold Zinc Zip Zip is different. A lot smoother audio. You will really be surprised at the targets you will dig.

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    Re: F-75 and Salt and Sand

    Great post, a great question and a great answer. I am filing this one in my F75 folder where I keep all the good stuff.
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    Re: F-75 and Salt and Sand

    Thanks a million to gravediggermax-vabeachva
    This is what I have been looking for, a good comprehensive answer...

    thanks again!



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