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Thread: 14KT Bracelet for 1.00

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    Jun 2011

    14KT Bracelet for 1.00

    My husband took our granddaughters garage sale shopping (they love it) on Sunday , which would be the last trip before school started. Stopped at a snimall garage sale and there was a bunch of jewelry on a table. I picked up a couple of old Avon pieces because my mother-in- law collects it. I saw a gold bracelet and it was priced a dollar. It looked like it was a good piece so I bough it. When we got to the car I saw on the clasp it was marked Italy and it had other lettering I couldn't quite make out. When I got home I got out my magnifying glass and saw it was 14 KT. Took it to the local jewelers on Monday morning and they gave me 159.00 for it. Not bad for a dollar.

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    First of all... Welcome to Treasurenet, I hope you stick around. Sounds like a great find. Unfortunately, if the jeweler gave you $159 for it, then it was probably worth 2-3 times that amount. But it was still a great profit for you nonetheless, congrats.
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    Dec 2007
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    before I ever sell I also go here
    Precious Metal Calculator from Dendritics

    Then I will minus 15 % cause the place I go pays 85% of spot. That way I know exactly what to expect an know if I am getting screwed over or not..
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    Jun 2012
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    Nice profit, nice turn-time. Good for you!
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    Use the gold calculator but also deduct half a karat from your estimate. A good rule of thumb is you should pretty easilly be able to get 90% of that estimated value if you sell to a gold buyer. I am getting 93% locally.

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    Jun 2011
    Thanks for the info!!!

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    Jun 2011
    Thanks everyone for all your helpful advice.

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    Mar 2009
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    Nice score, I love garage sales. I always check jewelry. I've gotten several gold pieces at sales for $1 or less that wound up being worth over $100. And a few that I've gotten that I sole for aroun $50. One time I got an 18k bracelet for 25 cents and sold it for $150. Those scores are always nice. Keep at it.
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    Dec 2011
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    Send your Gold to www.midwestrefineries.com and get 95% of spot price. Mail it to them and have your check in no time!



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