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    Aug 2012
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    thrift store map find

    Picked up these two maps at the thrift store last week they appear to be Dutch, and have 1697 & 1696 on them.
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    Sep 2010
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    Cool.. are they reproduction?

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    Aug 2012
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    I dont think so, they havw the impression of the plate ams whwn i llok under a loupe, it doesnt look modern

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    Jun 2012
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    Awesome maps! Found some info via Google Translate: Atlas der Neederlanden

    It's a little tough to decipher, but it seems that in the early 1800's you couldn't just go out and buy an atlas of the Netherlands. You had to piece one together from existing individual prints (like yours) and maybe even commission a cartographer to draw up a new map. Then you had to get them all bound into giant folios. It was so expensive that nobody did it until some guy put together the Atlas der Neederlanden in 1815. The maps that you have were two of the ones chosen. You can see them on this page, numbers 36 and 42.

    No idea if they're original or rare, but they definitely have a pedigree!

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    Between the condition. color, and over all design I have a very hard time believing they could date anywhere near that old. I've looked at many maps from the mid. to late 1700s and they look nothing close to that for quality. But what you have does seem to resemble the types I've seen from the late 1800s on. This is only my initial thought though, and I know absolutely nothing about early maps except for when I use them to research sites. Regardless of age it is very cool, and you just gave me a great idea. For quite a while I've been thinking about putting something on the wall in my little detecting/coin/collectibles room-office, and something like that would be perfect. I'd just have to find something that suits my own history, or at least my taste.

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    Aug 2012
    Greenvile, SC
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    Thanks for the help everyone, i bought them on a whim, they were next to a map of California from 1872, that i did pick up. I thought about them all night and went back in the AM

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    Cool maps, here is a little info on verifying antique maps- Verifying Antique Maps | Tips of the Trade | Antiques Roadshow | PBS

    Edit- I think the most tell tale sign would be whether it was made with "laid" paper or not. I do see lines in the close up view of the 2nd photo when I blow it up on my screen. They can be faked though. Regardless, it may still be a nice antique historical print from the 1800's as Iron Patch stated.

    Paper:Laid paper is made by hand in a mold, where the wires used to support the paper pulp emboss their pattern into the paper. "Laid lines" are made by the closely laid wires running the length of the frame; these are crossed at wider intervals by "chain lines," which are made by the wires woven across these long wires to hold them into place. This pattern of crossing lines can be seen when the paper is held up to light. Laid paper often has a watermark. Wove paper is made by machine on a belt and lacks the laid lines. False laid lines can be added to machine-made paper. Though wove paper was invented in the eighteenth century and laid paper is still produced, the majority of prints made prior to 1800 are on laid paper and the majority of prints made subsequently are on wove paper. China paper is a very thin paper, originally made in China, which is used for chine appliqué prints.
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    too many hobbies...

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    Antiques road show has some old Boston maps on several months back, it was worth thousands, so if these are originals, treat them well!!!

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    Aug 2012
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    Thanks for all of the info, i love this place, everyone so willing to share. I checked on the PBS link, i checked with my loupe, and it wasnt printed (with the dots). It does have the plate impression along the edges, and it does have a fold down the center. I am scared to remove them from the frame to check the paper type though!



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