New AT Pro, few questions...
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    New AT Pro, few questions...

    I just got my new AT Pro in today... about 6 hours ago...with the 8.5x11 coil and the 5x8 coil package.

    I bought the AT Pro to replace my back-up unit to my ETrac, my Fisher F2. I work 2 jobs so when I get a day off and head out treasure hunting for the day, nothing stops me, not even the weather. I didn't want to fry my $1500 taking a chance in rain or drizzle, so I'd use the F2, which is a nice little detector!

    Problem solved with the AT-Pro, which is waterproof! It's also fun using a different detector here and there, you know?

    I have 4 good questions that I hope someone that has an AT Pro can answer, and some basic plusses and minuses I have noticed. Thanks in advance!


    #1. I got the 5x8 coil for 2 reasons... #1 for tighter spaces like some parks, and #2 with it on the AT Pro, the only difference between the AT Gold would be a 2 KHZ frequency difference and some iron discrim. Am I right?

    #2. I noticed the O-rings in the headphones jack, coil jack, and battery door. They seemed to actually have came from the factory slightly greases/oiled. Just like any electronic, a little water can do a lot of damage! Do you have to do anything with the O-rings for maintenance? or not do to them?

    #3. If I am going to use the unit in the rain, do I have to do anything with the detector such as putting the black caps that came with on with the AT Pro back on the the headphones port and coil port?

    #4. I ask that because until I got the blue waterproof headphones, I guess I will have to use it without headphones in the rain/drizzle, right? Will the stock headphones hold up and not fry in the rain/drizzle?

    If I am going to use the unit in the rain or drizzle, will the

    DAY 1 THOUGHTS (1/2 hour airtesting, 1 hour in the back yard)....


    The only thing I looked in the manual about was the difference between Standard and Pro mode. Other than that, anyone with some experience detecting can figure out the AT Pro in minutes! HUGE difference than when I got my ETrac, which was like learning brain surgery...

    The depth air testing impressed me! I know... I know... air testing isn't anything special, but how far I had some coins away from the 8.5x11 coil was sweet!...

    Energizer batteries included, and installed! Classy move Garrett! It's the little things like that that make a difference.

    Screen seems a little more 'scratch resistant' than the Fisher's screens. Guy I saw had an F5, and it seemed to scratch SOO easily from dirty fingers.

    The stock headphones are VERY well padded around the ears and up top. Thick but still soft.

    I like how you can actually save 2 custom programs without losing them when you shut the unit off.

    Lighter than my ETrac! (No I am not abandoning the ETrac...LOL)


    I run a wireless AUVIO set up, with the 1/4" adapter that plugs into any detector. Can't just plug it into the AT Pro. Booooo... I am gonna get on Ebay in a few minutes and order the headphones adapter, problem solved. Too bad it didn't include it, but including the coil covers by was sweet!

    Here's what I noticed so far with the AT-Pro. I airtested both coils in my house after I put it together. It seems the larger 8.5x11 coil gets more depth, by at least a few inches, than the 5x8! Am I wrong? Same mode, coins and gold items, sensitivity, etc.... any thoughts

    No backlit screen. I went out late in the day until it was getting dark. Can't have everything though on a detector under $600, you know?

    No volume control on the unit. The headphones have the volume control, and I almost always wear headphones.

    I'll definately have the unit out this weekend. both days off work and I am gonna find somewhere to hunt in Pittsburgh or Indiana, PA....

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    Re: New AT Pro, few questions...

    #1. The AT Gold has a threshold and a couple of other slight differences regarding ground balance and iron discrimination as you mentioned. Nothing I’d concern myself with too much. The Pro is plenty capable for the money, plus you can hunt the salt water beach with a little careful tuning, you can't with the Gold...

    #2. I would recommend greasing the O-rings occasionally. I squirted a little dielectric grease on mine, including on the coil connector prongs for a better connection. O-ring lube is available… I need to get some….

    #3. Anytime you use the detector without headphones, you’ll want to use the caps that came with it to keep dirt & debris out. I think Garrett provided these because they knew the detector would be used in less than ideal conditions.

    #4. The stock headphones that came with the detector are water resistant, not waterproof. I’ve hunted in the rain several times with these headphones without any trouble, they've gotten wet. You’ll be fine, as long as you aren’t diving. If you plan on submerging the headphones, get the blue ones from Garrett...

    As far as difference in depth between coils, I've not noticed a huge difference. I actually had a target on one of my hunts that I marked. Went to my truck, got some water and swapped to the 5x8 coil and went back and rechecked the target and it was still loud a clear. It was a rather large brass piece, but it was down about 14" and the 5x8 coil still found it. I've made the 5x8 coil my favorite because I'm hunting fields with cotton stalks that I'd like to hunt around and the smaller coil works better in these conditions. Unless I'm hunting a wide open area, I stick with the 5x8.
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    Re: New AT Pro, few questions...

    I don't think i can add any thing to that .. That was good answers Dwight S gave you..
    ".. Let no one know what , when , or where ..'

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    Re: New AT Pro, few questions...

    If you hunt in the rain wear a rain jacket with a hood. The stock headphones underneath.

    The 5 x8 is a wonderful coil. Less coverage per swing.

    I use a silicone liquid every so often on the rubber O rings. If you don't unscrew and change out the coil or headphones it stays pretty good sealed in the detector.

    I also have a Silicone spray that I wipe the pads of my headphones down with. It keeps the sweat from making the pads hard and cracking. If I go in salt water I always rinse everything including the inside of the shaft or it will lock up on you. I also spray the coil wire with silicone to keep it from dry rotting.
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