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    Dec 2006
    Concord, NC
    White's DFX and Minelab Explorer SE
    3 times

    ATTN: If you are in or near Huntersville, NC.....

    I am sad to say there are some detectorists in the Huntersville, NC area that are just not very good for the hobby. A few friends and I have been hitting a couple sites in Huntersville and came across of other detectorists there. At first, it was a little disappointing for find they would just toss their trash back into the hole and move on.

    A few weeks later I ran into one of them at the site, I asked him how many times the same pull tab should be dug up? Of course I let him know that I did recover and IH penny and a nice dog license from their holes, but still, common courtesy would be take your trash. (and do a little better job on your holes) His first response was "Well there are other detectorists around here, it wasn't me or my brothers" On the contrary, on the first day of hitting the site, there had been no other detectorist there, other than me for about an hour the week before. And on that first day, there was the 4 of them and Myself and 2 of my buddies. So yeah, it was them. Between times of seeing them over there, my buddies and I hit a few vacant houses and found some really nasty craters and trash left behind. Upon my second encounter with the brother that lives around here (the other brothers just visit from West Virginia) he said he found flying eagle cent up the road at some vacant houses...... Well, today I went back to the main site, only to find not only has he decided not to pick up his trash, but now won't even close any of his holes.

    What a shame the one person is so careless and selfish..... he, and his brothers in West Virginia, really cast all of us in the shadow of their poor judgement and really hurt the hobby for everyone. I know their last name, but don't feel it necessary to share it, yet. But if you see this activity, not just in North Carolina or West Virginia, but anywhere, speak up or we will all lose our places to hunt.

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    Feb 2008
    Never Know I May Live Next To You!
    GTI 2500/Bounty Hunter
    335 times

    Re: ATTN: If you are in or near Huntersville, NC.....

    That's a shame. Maybe you could explain to them that people get the wrong impression about metal detectorists because it is people like them that leave their trash, leave holes exposed, causing people not to let US on their properties to detect because they see stuff like what he leaves behind. Ask them how they would feel if you went to their property metal detected and left trash and exposed holes all over his yard. That may have him think about it, or he is too young, (mentally) or plain --deleted-- to realize he should find another hobby!
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    Jul 2003
    Fishers 1235X-8" CZ-20/21-8" F-70-11"DD GC1023
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    Re: ATTN: If you are in or near Huntersville, NC.....

    I always talk to new new hunters I see around town. If they are new to the hobby, I advise them as best as they will listen and so far have not run into anyone so nasty as you describe. If they are veteran MD'ers then it always shows. Even the sloppiest among them do a good job of recovery and restoration.

    If I confronted someone like you did I'd probably walk in front of them dropping rivets and stalk them as long as they were around.

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    Dec 2006
    Concord, NC
    White's DFX and Minelab Explorer SE
    3 times

    Re: ATTN: If you are in or near Huntersville, NC.....

    I guess what's ticks me off more than anything is they claim to have been detecting for over 30 years! I was nice about it when I brought it up to him, but first off, next time I see him, I won't be so nice.



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