Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????
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    Apr 2008
    Daytona Beach, Fl.
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    Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????

    Whites came out with the new pulse detector that is to have extream depth perception for targets, anyone have one yet It's expensive like $1500 or around there, , I hunt the islands off the west coast of Fl and a 2-box is to big in the brush.

    Thanks Harvest

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    Jun 2008
    Los Angeles CA, Prescott AZ
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    Re: Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????

    I have a friend who has one . I went on a couple hunts with him since he got it and it works pretty good, he found more than I did both times.

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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    Re: Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????

    Harvest, I'm trying to read between the lines, to determine what kind of hunting you're doing. Ie.: what your goal is. You mention that you're currently using a 2-box unit, right? Then I assume you're hunting for larger objects (not little things like individual coins, etc....) right? If so, then you don't want the TDI. Yes it's smaller and more compact than a 2-box unit, but instead of passing up anything smaller than a soda can sized object (which your 2-box unit is adept at), it will squeal over anything and everything. Sure, you can perhaps tell high vs low, and iron of certain sizes, etc.... But it will still give signals on even the tiniest things. If you think you can just simply use your ears and pass the smaller flitty stuff, get ready for a major head-ache, especially in junky areas. You'll spend all your time trying to discern big verses little, especially where multiple small items are side by side, verses a single larger item deeper. This is where, if large items are your only goal, then stick with the 2-box.

    Yes the TDI will find large items, but it was not designed for that specifically, as the 2-box was. It excells in teensy stuff, so factor that in.

    If you're hunting the wet salt beach for coins/jewelry, then it will be effective. But I assume this is not your goal, since a 2-box would be useless for this purpose, and that is what you were using.

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    Sep 2007
    Sal Sagev Adaven
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    Re: Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????

    Hi ,Tom in Ca
    Great reply! , you saved me a lot of typing
    I'll just follow you with My E-trac, Sov GT,or GoldBug Pro.

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    May 2008
    lakelinden mi
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    Re: Whites TDI is it worth it ???????????????????

    Harvest what two box detector do you use I use a garret cx plus found some really big stuff so far the deepest is four feet deep.
    I hate to discriminate but some times you have too!



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