Faint Signals
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    Feb 2008
    Whites XLT

    Faint Signals

    I have a Whites XLT. I got in a trade several years ago for a hand gun. I really got the better end of the trade.

    Over the years I have only found a couple of silver dimes. One Merc and one Rosie.

    I must be doing something consistantly wrong. I read in here about great finds all the time. Believe me, I have been out there. I have found several hundred dollars in clad.

    I just recently started looking on line and found a mannual for my Whites that I didn't get in the trade. I am going thru it now.

    While I am happy to have the manual, I don't know yet if it will help me in my searches to find older items.

    I usually don't dig the really deep signals. I don't have a pinpointer, but aim to get the new pistol probe I have been reading about in here.

    What do I need to do to increase my chances? Is the new probe going to help much with that? Do I just need to go for the deeper signals?

    Both of my silvers were found less then 3 inches.....John

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    Jan 2008
    Morristown, Tennessee
    Minelab GPX 4500, Minelab Equinox 800, Garrett AT GOLD with NEL coil, Garrett Sea Hunter
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    Re: Faint Signals

    I can tell you about my experience with the DFX. My deep signals such as a merc dime will only be a chirp. It will give a dime signal on the VDI. The deep signals will only chirp. This seems to be mainly on the dimes. I have dug some very deep wheats with a good loud tone but for some reason the dimes are only a quick chirp. I am currently looking at a new machine that is supposed to be much better on deeper targets. As far as the pinpointer I would recommend the Garrett Pro Pointer.

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    Sep 2010
    southeast PA
    70 times

    Re: Faint Signals

    i'd say its not the machine but the places ya hunt. maybe your hunting on already searched out areas. a pinpointer is great for recovering your target faster, the pistol pinpointer might be a little too much depth and if there are a couple junk targets close by that could be a problem. the pro pointer is a good choice for the money
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    Kentucky Kache

    Re: Faint Signals

    I would think that if you're digging a lot of clad, the only thing you need to do is dig those deep signals. Especially if you're hunting older places. And you really don't need a pinpointer to dig those deep targets. Just learn to pinpoint the target with your detector. Your manual will show you how to do this. Your machine will pinpoint directly over the target.

    P.S. A larger coil will give you more depth.

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    Hoang Ho Consulting - Treasure/recycle Div

    Jun 2010
    Area 51

    Re: Faint Signals

    Faint signals...sounds like old batteries

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    Mar 2006
    MXT, V3
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    Re: Faint Signals

    Dig the WHISPERS.

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    Mar 2009
    Tuscarawas County, Ohio
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    Re: Faint Signals

    I would dig the deeper signals. One thing you may be able to do if you're thinking stuff may be deep is search in all-metal (if you're machine will let you and the place isn't trashy) and listen for the deep signals. If you get a deep signal then switch back to discriminate mode and see if you get a signal. It may be a very small signal, but if it resembles what your looking for then dig. My Tejon goes deeper in all-metal than in disc mode and I will sometimes hunt like this if the place isn't trashy and I think the targets may be deeper. Plus, I'm more confident in the machine's abilities to pick stuff up in all-metal. Also, I use vco in all-metal. It seems to be a better indicator of depth.

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    Nov 2008
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    Re: Faint Signals

    "I usually don't dig the really deep signals. "

    You just told on yourself.

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    Oct 2005
    XLT, Whites D.F., Treasure Baron, Deepstar, Goldquest, Beachscan, T.D.I., Sovereign, 2x Nautilus, various Arado's, Ixcus Diver, Altek Quadtone, T2, Beach Hunter I.D, GS 5 pulse, Searchman 2 ,V3i
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    Re: Faint Signals

    You do need the instruction book for the Spectrum/DFX/V3 perhaps more so than any other detector.

    I assume you are using the inbuilt programmes and these are pretty poor intended to get you started on any type of ground.

    I would stick with the Relic mode and then tweak up the programme with AC sensitivity and Pre-Amp gain. Unless surround by other machines at the same frequency I would reduce AC sensitivity to around 50 and up the Pre Amp to maximum. Then increase the AC until the detector just starts to become unstable and drop it back one.
    Whisper signals can be boosted seperately (think its called target volume) and you can also select to have modulation or not ie hear the depth of the target by the audio getting weaker with more depth or have all targets boosted.
    If you have any hearing loss take care to suit the audio tone to your hearing.

    Don't forget its four filter so you need a faster than standard sweep speed to get depth. "Low and slow" does not apply.

    You don't really need a pinpointer. The detector will do it for you especially if you leave DC as set and gain the depth by high Pre Amp settings. Increase DC and the target audio gets wider and mushy.

    Instead of a pinpointer I would get a smaller coil. The stock concentric masks good signals in heavy rubbish areas. A bigger coil makes the situation worse. Smaller can mean deeper.

    If on a site with the chance of older finds think about accepting down into the minus figures ie accept minus 20 right through to plus 95.

    Best of luck. Before I forget try and borrow another coil. Over time they drift off tune.

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    Jan 2005
    Sand Springs, OK
    ACE 250, Garrett
    135 times
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    Re: Faint Signals

    I don't know how old you are, but if you have "old eyes" like I do, a handheld pinpointer will save you a ton of time. I think all you have to do is do a little research for more likely sites to hunt for silver coins. You have to put the coil over where it is rather than were it ain't. Good luck. Monty
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    Nov 2006
    Middlesex County, New Jersey
    Whites DFX w/ Sunray DX-1 probe and Minelab Excalibur 1000, Whites TRX Pinpointer
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    Re: Faint Signals

    Quote Originally Posted by jf504mp
    I have a Whites XLT. I got in a trade several years ago for a hand gun. I really got the better end of the trade.
    You probably could have just used the gun and took the detector...best of both worlds. Only kidding

    Dig the deep signals. I have a White's DFX and if I'm out hunting and don't have alot of time I will only dig 3 1/2+ inch deep targets. I average around one silver an hour at some hard hit parks. The pinpointer will only help once you get a good signal and start digging.

    Are you hunting sites that have been active for a long time? If the site is not old the oldies are not likely to be there. Make sure you are doing a nice steady/slow swing and over lap your swings. How much time do you spend doing research? Get to your local library and check out as many old photos, newspapers and history books of your town and area. I've found lots of old coins and relics from doing a little research. Lastly, it helps if your lucky.

    Good luck and happy hunting.



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