cost of appraisals
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    cost of appraisals

    I have seen that people recomend taking a coin to get it appraised, or a ring to a jeweler to check the metal content or if the diamonds are real. Seems that everyone is doing it, but what I am wondering is how much does this service cost? I wouldnt think that they do it for free, so does it end up costing more than its worth?

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    Re: cost of appraisals

    As far as jewelry goes, most any jeweler will check the metal content and stones for free, as far as valuation goes, I don't know what it costs to get an actual written appraisal for jewelry. They may give you an offer to buy, but it will be less than it is worth more than likely.
    For coins- Coins can be taken to a coin shop or show for a general idea of the condition but the same goes for the value. Coins should be graded professionally by PCGS, NGC or ANACS only. The cost is anywhere from $15-30+ from my own experience and depending on the value and age of the coin, plus shipping.

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    Re: cost of appraisals

    Jewelers will check the stones for free. Your precious metals are stamped.

    This young lady would be glad to grade your coins.

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    Re: cost of appraisals

    Great video.



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