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    Jun 2010
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    City park loaded with pennies, best way to recover them in hopes of gold?

    Hello everyone,

    We all know that you must dig all signals in order to find gold! We all know that the best way to hunt a park for maximum coverage is swing a small grid at a time! My question is where do you draw the line in making the grid look like a war zone with mutable plugs being dug in a small area?

    Happy Hunting
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    Mar 2007
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    Re: City park loaded with pennies, best way to recover them in hopes of gold?

    If you are truly truly after only gold, and don't care about pennies or other high conductors, why not just pass up all the higher conductors? Ie.: anything that reads up higher than about square tab?

    Very few gold rings read higher than square tab. The rare exceptions would be big men's college 10k class rings type stuff. But trust me: you'll dig 10000 pennies before you'll ever find one of those, in the average turfed park conditions/ratios.

    But of course, so too are there oodles of targets in the low conductive range that share TIDs with low conductive gold rings too. Namely, aluminum junk.

    If gold rings are really your goal, then why not simply go to places where jewelry is more condusive to being lost? Namely: swimming beaches (lakes, or ocean). Not only is the recipe there better for jewelry losses (people frolicking, cool waters shrink fingers, people taking off their jewelry for "safekeeping" before entering the water, lathering up with slippery suntan lotion, people lying in un-natural prone positions on blankets, etc...), but digging in sand is easier too.

    If you simply must hunt turf for jewelry, then bear in mind that certain turf usages are better than others, for jewelry ratios: Sports fields (soccer for instance), is going to have a better ratio than turf near BBQ pits and picnic tables. Because naturally, wherever people eat and drink (read: foil and pulltabs), and cook (read aluminum can nuggets from people throwing their cans or foil into the fire) the junk ratio will be such that you will go looney, before ever digging a gold ring.

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    Aug 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    White's Vision, White's 6000DI Pro
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    Re: City park loaded with pennies, best way to recover them in hopes of gold?

    After years of detecting and digging plugs...and the invention of the internet, I've learned to "pop" shallow coins with my digger without making that plug. I also purchased a pinpointer which makes digging shallow plugs unnecessary.
    A small slit eliminates that "mine field" appearance.

    I think...therefore I am.



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