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    Oct 2011
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    rookie with a question

    I was wondering if anyone could help on a couple of questions. I'm going to upgrade my ace 250 I like it and found some neat stuff in the last 6 months, but I want to take it to the next level I'm looking at the atpro and the safari my question is is there enough difference in performance to justify the cost ? thanks for your input in advance .

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    Re: rookie with a question

    The best detector I can recommend is the Tesoro Silver uMax. It was rated a perfect 5 stars. My detecting partner and I both have one and it gets great depth, amazing discrimination, hardly a single false beep ever, light weight, and more. I use it for civil war hunting, I pop out bullets all the time with it.
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    Re: rookie with a question

    Personally I would recommend the AT Pro.

    It's like having 2 machines in one, its water proof too. No more rushing in at the first sign of bad weather. Actually the whole
    machine is submersible up to 10 feet. Great Iron discrimination too. Imagine your Ace 250 on steroids. With your experience with the 250, learning the AT Pro should be a breeze.
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    Re: rookie with a question

    I had Ace 250, deepest dime to ID correctly was 4", with AT Pro I got dime with correct visual & tone ID at 7". This should make your chances of finding older coins much better. I really don't think the Safari is worth $400 more. The Safari is 5.5 lbs, the AT Pro just over 3 lbs.

    The AT Pro beeps solid high tone on a dime in air test to 10". The Safari will beep solidly on a dime in air test to 11.5" with just occasional correct high tone (mostly low & mid tones). You could buy a used Safari under $700 & then if you didn't like it, no big loss. $998.95 new Those who really learn the expensive Minelabs do great but would think most at first dig much trash.

    The AT Pro can go underwater to 10', with most gold rings found in waist-deep water. The MAP (minimum advertiseable price) on the AT Pro is $595 but some dealers will go somewhat lower in phone or e-mail quote. I've seen used ones as low as $375, but you would want to be sure you got the latest camlocks version or older one that's updated with camlocks. Best wishes, George (MN)



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