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    Dec 2006
    Fox Lake Illinois
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    New project "The site profile" a mad "Ladd" scientist approach.

    Hi, folks i have been out for a while but I am back, Doing my winter research now, I am looking for ways to give us all more productive hunts.

    So I want to talk about profiling sites. I have some real crazy ideas that i want to share and get some feedback. I will welcome any pos/neg feed back as along it is based on fact, experience,direct observation or at least sound logical assumption.

    I was toying with the notion that I could create an elaborate site profile on my computer be entering some basic info, that not only would paint a picture of what I could reasonably expect to find and at what depths, but also give me information that may be valuable on other sites. I was even thinking of building a software profile builder that i could use to
    give me an indication of how to hunt the site and how to set my machine to produce more results in less time.
    I would take a forensic approach and perform an inital sample 1 day hunt at the site and gather all relevant info and build a site profile from that.

    For example
    1. the dates and depths of any coins I find
    2.the age/depth of pull tabs/bottle caps that i find, (there are several different styles ranging in age)
    3. estimating the age of the oldest trees or other perment objects on the site ( I was thinking that this tells me if the ground is orginal or artifically moved)
    4. type of ground/ specific density/mineraization/rocks
    5. aging/depth any other junk
    6. aging property from maps and historical records
    7. sink rate of objects over time measured at its basic parts which include the following:
    a. sinking due to ground density
    b. vegatation growing over the object pushing it down and time.
    c. top soil build up over time due to wind and vegatation decay
    d. worms effect
    e. freeze/thaw effect
    f. weather ( floods, rain,wind, droughts)
    ( yes i know what you're thinking, I am crazy)

    8. estimating the time periods/populations the site was in use.
    9. estimating the type of people that used the site, (kids,adults, affluent people, men,women, activity types)

    I would be more than happy to share my findings,programs, writings and info.

    Please contribute and ask any questions.

    The goal of this specific post is to identify anything that can be profiled that has some value to the project, reject anything that doesn't have value and then to break down attributes that can be measured or observed.

    Then we can put together a list of relevant valuable attrributes which we will move forward with to the next step of the project.

    Happy hunting!!!!
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