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    Aug 2011
    NE Ohio
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    Help to find ring needed

    I was on the beach in Myrtle today and a distressed father came up to me to help him
    find the gold wedding ring he just lost. His whole family was there looking. He described
    it as a large ring with sapphire inserts.

    I started in ankle deep water 50 feet on each side of where the kid was building a sand
    castle and worked my way up out of the water overlapping each sweep and up past the
    spot of where he thinks he remembers it. I then did a sweep from the sand castle up
    to their tent with no success. Used AT Pro with pro zero setting and max sensitivity.
    Lots of hits on little pieces of iron but no strong hits.

    It was 2 hours past low tide with the waves being pretty much straight in to the beach.
    I told him I would return to try again at low tide.

    Any suggestions to helping the guy?


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    Come out from under your bed today...... DO SOMETHING!

    Jun 2008
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    Try to get as clear an idea as possible as to WHEN it was lost. Match that to the tide tables. Doesn't make sense to look 50 feet too far down the sand if that was all underwater when he lost it. If it was lost IN the water, you must HURRY! The ring will "dive" deep quickly and may already be too deep to get a signal. Use a sweep right above the sand for max depth. The odds of finding it, even just one day after losing it, are stacked against you. Good luck! TTC
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