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Thread: the gallery...

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    President of BCDC detecting club in PA

    Aug 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth
    V3i, Etrac, AT Pro, F2, T2, Xterra 705
    211 times
    Metal Detecting

    the gallery...

    gallery?.... as in golf gallery.... the audience.

    I got permission to hunt an old closed down church in an typical old mining town where the houses are 'cookie-cutter' and close together with some small shops, some closed down and some churches... you get the picture. The church property, grassy area, was small but I figured you never know(!?)

    So the guy that gave me permission ,Ed, lives next door and maintains the property. He followed me aafter I asked 'if he wanted to come along'. Soon a neighbor pulled up in a truck and came over to talk to my aquaintance and me. Another resident of the street was driving by and they yelled at him jokingly about something, and soon he came over. 2 boys on bikes rode by and stopped on the sidewalk to watch, curiosly, but keeping a distance. Next I noticed an older couple, across the street, watching over the hedges, as a small boy also watched and played in a small opening in the hedges.

    Within 5 minutes from the time I started, I had a minimum of 8 people watching anxiously and curiosly to what I was doing! Every time my ETrac hit a good target and I knelt down to dig, I felt the attention and stares.

    Now for the even funnier part....

    My first coin was a 1976 penny about an inch down. I pulled it out of the hole, wiped off most of the dirt, and handed it to Ed. I told him 'I think it's a '76, what do you think?' He wipes it cleaner, inspects it, and holds it up yelling '1976 PENNY!', and then handed it back. It was like he was anouncing in the maternity ward of a hospital to a family... 'IT'S A BOY!'. This went on with every find from quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, brass pendant, roofing nails, rifle cartridge, and pull tab. It was actually quite humorous and went on for about at LEAST a 1/2 hour! It was like they were waiting for Ed to suddenly hold up an ancient box I dug up in a 6' hole and announce 'Lost Ark of the Covenant!'

    I guess you had to be there...LOL....

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    Lady Pirate

    Jul 2011
    Tallahassee, Florida
    Garrett Infinium LS, Garrett AT PRO & Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505
    519 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Guess that's the most action they get to witness around there! That's funny!
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    Jun 2012
    Clearlake, N. California
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505, Garrett Pro Pointer,Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
    19 times
    Metal Detecting
    I've noticed that there's no way not to attract a crowd while MT ing too!...folks of all ages seem to be facinated with what I'm doing, especially kids and seniors (must admit , I'm new at this, but this is my history so far..).today I was at the local beach and the kids , especially a 5 yr. old girl, followed me around for about an hour, wanting, of course, to try everything...Her enthusiasm charmed me, so I was patient with explaining it all to her...
    Course, I'm a grandmother of 5 and my two youngest ones (ages 4 and 6) absolutely LOVE the MT.
    So, Lady Pirate....I'm curious...I also bought a BH Pioneer 505 as my first, and only, MT...how do YOU like it compared to the Garrett, which I almost bought...I mostly like it, but seem to get erroneous readings on depth...
    Anybody else have any experience with this BH?

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    I deal in reality

    Mar 2010
    XLT , surfmaster PI , HAYS 2Box , VIBRA-TECTOR
    2944 times
    The depth reading on any metal detector is based on that target being a coin. That is how they are set up, so if you walk over an ax at 10" it will say about 2". It goes strickly by signal return based on that target being a coin.

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    President of BCDC detecting club in PA

    Aug 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth
    V3i, Etrac, AT Pro, F2, T2, Xterra 705
    211 times
    Metal Detecting
    yeah... agree with Frankn... after a while with the non-coin or sketchy 'hits' you don't even look at the depth readout. you pinpoint and know the depth-limits of your detector and dig the target...



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