First step is admitting I have a problem, where do I go from here?
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Thread: First step is admitting I have a problem, where do I go from here?

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    Mar 2013
    Republic of South Afrika and Wa. State USA
    I use a garrett AT pro. My son uses a Technetics Delta 4000
    30 times
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    First step is admitting I have a problem, where do I go from here?

    My son and I have been digging up earth like rooting hogs for the last several months. I wanted him to get a better detector as my AT Pro is just so much better then his Whites Prizm.

    However I'm thinking rather then pull him up to another level, maybe I just give him the AT Pro and I move up to the next level. So with this thought, what is the next level from the AT Pro, or is that really good enough for hobby level treasure hunting?

    What does a 1000.00-1200.00 or so detector get me beyond what the AT pro provides? I've read some reviews on the Etrac and the F75 but it's hard without using them to understand the way they actually function in the real world.

    Those of you with a good feel for the $1000.00 or so detectors give me some feedback on what can be expected for the additional investment. I don't need another submersible unit. just the ability to reach into the water knee deep. I've been sucked into this now and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I have this sickness to find and dig stuff up.

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    Jul 2011
    SW Mo
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    Cache Hunting
    I have bought ALL the teks and ALL of the fishers they are a little nervous but I really don't see any more depth out of them unless you go with the se tek which has a couple more modes for field hunting and ONLY while in the all metal mode. I now have my second 705 ML. as to me they are a little deeper but are slower at retune. The Blisstool is a killer also. The Fishers have notch on them if you use that feature. and the Greeks Teks have notch. I noticed the Teks are a little nervous. The most coins I have found in a season was with a T2 se about 2 yrs ago. I just sold a ML Sovergn GT as was too heavy for me. Using a 705 and a new Tesoro Outlaw now but don't see any benefit with the new Tesoro no new depth out of it,The Ciabola is deeper. Been detecting 42 yrs and was a multiline dealer for 20 yr. they all perform good as some are better for hot ground than others. I don't care for the new Garretts as I do the older ones,just my preferance.

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    Nov 2010
    SouthWestern USA
    Nox 800, Etrac, F75, AT Pro. Last two for sale.
    2135 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    RWD sounds like good advice. I bought a older gold handled F75 and was very happy with that upgrade. Its noisy and you cant run the sensitivity very high in places like a city park. But it is light, easy on battery's, and has choice of multiple tones to help id targets. The 11" coil it comes with is a killer coil, and can be too much signal at times. The F75 has a quick response time, so you can cover a lot of area fast. The F75 can be noisy, and the VDI is consistent, so once you lock into say gold rings, it will be the same reading. Yes the VDI lies to me all the time. But between sound, switching modes on the fly, and the VDI, I can tell usually what may come of the ground. Most folks dont like it when I pull the F75 out, and if you choose one, you will know why. No matter the detector you choose, its the operator really. I watched a old guy with a $50.00 dollar vintage detector kick my butt the other day. I didnt walk away empty handed, he taught me a lot just watching him detect. If it in the cards, I will own a Minelab soon, just my druthers. I really like the GPS feature on the CTX 3030, I want that machine. The T2 is a killer machine on the relics also. I also dont think your going to upgrade much from the AT Pro for $1000.00 dollars, it really is a proven machine. My F75 has it beat by a small margin, due to threshold settings. Being able to change the tone to my ear has made a very big difference in my finds. So if your gonna get a new detector, I would suggest one that has multiple search modes and you can change the threshold as each persons ear is different. Good Luck.

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    we exist,and we are watching you

    Nov 2011
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    just a thought to go with casca,s.I have an at pro and really love it,but here is the thing,my old 1250gtax really outperforms it.Or should I say I outperform it,I have a ton of hunts with the 1250 and know it and its coils soooo well that I just dont get out hunted by my buddies when swinging it....ever.Slowly but surely I'm getting the at dialed in and its

    If you know and like a machine...its the right one.If the audio doesn't irritate have the right one.I too believe that all of the new stuff is real good...even my wifes f2 works great.If you dig it stick with it say I

    I dont care which machine you're gonna dig trash.
    an extra thousand bucks aint gonna solve that.

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    Oct 2009
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    You really have to use an E-trac to understand why it's so good. You can know and love a machine that is far from ideal. I loved my White's PI Pro until I got an Excalibur. I loved my 6000 DiPro SL until I bought an E-Trac.
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