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Thread: Where to sell...

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    Where to sell...

    I'm sure this has been asked, but where do you go to sell the rings you find?
    I've dug up 2 very nice ones:
    - 14K with 2 rubies and a diamond (1920s) ~5g total
    - Platinum wedding band with 5 diamonds - `3.6g total

    Both verified real by local jewelers, but neither will give any info without paying for an appraisal. And all they talk about is the metal scrap value... excuse me, there are diamonds and rubies here too.

    So... Pawn shops? Farmer market jewelers? Antique stores?
    Any where else?
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    I'd try to find a retail value for comparable rings and then calculate the scrap value.

    That gives you a range to play with and try to sell privately it might take a bit of time but better than letting them go for scrap value.

    And yes almost all buyers won't give you any value on the stones unless they are honkers.....good luck whatever you do.

    Regards + HH

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    Diamonds have very little value unless they are large solitaire of high quality.... Rubies also have only small value..... They are high dollar in the store new, but once they are sold and leave the store the value plunges.... Pawn shops will give you less value that if you sold the gold for melt down.... The real value is the melt down value of the gold, or how much a love one or friend would feel if you gave it to them..

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    I would never sell mine unless I had to.
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    There is something truly exhilarating about digging an item of remarkable value out of the ground.

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    I used to sell all my scrap Sterling silver items on eBay, until the price dropped below $25.00 an ounce. No point selling any silver items right now. Melt price for a typical .925 ring is probably two or three bucks. Hang on to your silver and wait until the speculators drive the price back up again.

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    There is what I would call a "higher class" pawn shop in Colorado Springs that has a very good jeweler working for them. They have half the store setup and jewelry only. They actually pay very well compared to a corner ma and pa pawn shop with bars on every window and a small selection. The guy wears a nice suit and looks the part. He quoted me $220 store credit or $190 cash on a $300 ring I had purchased years back. Was not in perfect condition but was high gold content.

    You will never get full value of course and I'm not saying you are expecting that. Don't take the first offer unless you are sure it is a home run and you should come out alright. I agree Ebay would be a good start. Even Craigslist as long as you meet in a well-lit public place.



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