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    Jun 2007

    Newbie Hunter

    My family just bought a detector and I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for hunting in the rainy land of Washington

    The detector I have is a XJ9 Vision Pro Professional.

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    Apr 2007
    Mankato, MN
    Minelab e-Trac, White E-Series DFX
    43 times
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    Re: Newbie Hunter

    I would say to get started, use your back yard. Check an area to make sure you get no signals. Take some "stuff" and bury it a few inches down - some coins, pull tabs, washers, nails, old rings if you have them. You might want to tie a string to some of the stuff so you can retrieve it easy (in case the detector doesn't "see" it). Once you can tell a penny from a pull tab from a nail, etc. Move to some easy sites, tot lots, volleyball courts, places where the digging is easy. Then just keep practicing on tone ID and move to more difficult areas.

    Just enjoy.

    The only way to really understand something is to play with it.

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    Jun 2007
    Treasure Ace 100

    Re: Newbie Hunter

    Yes, Just jump in.

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    Re: Newbie Hunter

    Heya Dragoon, I just got started too. Thus far my biggest accomplishment is having removed many beer cans from a nearby stream and a few nails from a playground. Well, then there's the $0.72 and a the mysterious key marked "Kwikset" that no doubt fits a nearby chest full of dubloons buried in shallow sand.

    That's what I have to show for about five hours of hunting, but it's a learning process. I'm getting better at discriminating false positives (having dug a lot) and am getting a feel for EM interaction with the ground. We gotta start somewhere, huh?


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    Jun 2007

    Re: Newbie Hunter

    The sum of my hunting so far has been: $0.01, some cans, a shovel head, a fence, various pieces from a old car and some foil

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    Mar 2007
    West "by god" Virginia
    Fishers CZ5 and 1280X
    6 times

    Re: Newbie Hunter


    Just take your time and have fun!

    Good luck!....Happy Hunting!....... Be careful how you dig, fill all holes and take all junk away. Oh! Ask permission if need be or when in doubt.

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    May 2007
    ACE 250

    Re: Newbie Hunter

    I just started myself. After a short warmup in the backyard and digging in the rock hard soil me and the family headed to the playground and wood chips for a couple hours. Had a good time. Found some junk, clad and a 1941 wheat penny. The digging was a lot easier in the chips. Good luck!

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    Sep 2006
    Richmond, Va
    Garrett Ace 250
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    Re: Newbie Hunter

    may I suggest wherever you go, if you find trash, take it with you. There are lots of reasons why, but one big one is if you hunt the site again, and you will, you won't have to worry about finding it again!
    Jeff in Richmond

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    Apr 2007
    NW Washington (State)
    Garrett Ace 250, GMT
    1 times

    Re: Newbie Hunter

    Welcome to T'net and the Wonderful World of Treasure Hunting
    from a fellow Washingtonian!

    I'm not familiar with your machine, but just remember to have fun! The more you practice, the better you'll get at 'hearing' what your MD's telling you. But if you've read many of the posts here, they tell me gold jewelry sounds like pulltabs (Don't know from experience... haven't found any yet, myself )
    Hey! You've already found a penny! Better than I did on my first hunt... and it just gets better!

    I've had a great time hooking up with some of the folks from this forum and learning as we go. There was a good video on one of the posts here that showed how to cut a decent plug so we don't leave a mess. Maybe someone remembers where that post was? It was posted by a teacher. Anyway, most of us take quite a bit of care to leave a site better than we found it so as to not give MD'ers a bad reputation. Hope you decide to join us in this effort. The more respectful we are, the more respectable our hobby becomes, the more access to sites we get, and the less hassles.

    Have a great time learning your new machine, be ready to dig a lot of Junque, and give a PM if you're going to be in NW WA and want a hunting buddy.

    HH - Kilika
    "so when I feel afraid, I tell myself ...'you have hardly nothing to lose. So try it. Go alone. Get on the bus. Climb! Plunge! Explore!"  from Green Winter by Elise McClay



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