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Thread: Scary experiences while detecting/prospecting.

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    Feb 2018
    Traverse City, Michigan
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    Wow guys.

    Scariest thing ever happened to me was either running out of beer, or toilet paper. I think the beer was worse, couldn't find my brand in 3 towns.
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    Sep 2018
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    Was detecting a suburban park with two buddies when we heard a crash. A minivan had just rear ended a parked car. The parked car went rolling forward and rolled right over a metal sign knocking it down and came to a rest. I ran over and asked if everyone was ok. There were some kids in the car and one of them was hurt. I called 911 and stood there waiting with them. Then we saw a clear liquid leaking out onto the ground and there was a small flame inside the hood where it was all crumpled up. I told them they had to get out of the car right away because there was a fire. Fortunately the car didn't blow up, maybe it wasn't gas. The fire department and ambulance took more than 10 minutes to get there. I like to think I saved the day. The guy had been adjusting his radio and had looked down while he was driving.
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    Jan 2013
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    Was detecting in the calif desert and got a massive signal.

    Started digging and found what looked like a big pipe.

    A little more digging and i found i knew what it was.

    I had found a mk 82 500 pound bomb.

    Reported it to EOD at china lake and found they had been looking for it for years.
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    Sep 2018
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    Out detecting with a friend, and get a call from my girlfriend. She says she's late. I ask her late to what. She repeats she's late. Talk about suddenly sweating on a cold day. I've had multiple deployments in the middle east. I'd rather deal with random mortar fire than that. It was a false alarm, but the days in between that call and the results were terror filled.
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    Dec 2015
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    Ever get 3 guys wanting your detector till you pull out your Sig sauer 9mm Boyeee!!!!!!
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