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    Jul 2007
    Western Massachusetts
    Minelab Excal 1000, Tesoro Silver Umax, Tiger Shark and Whites MXT.
    8 times

    White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    What is everyones opinions on the best model? I have been racking my brain! I would like to do mostly, coins and jewlery in parks and yards, but would also like to do some cellar holes and beaches, too. I understand that, thats an awfull lot for any one detector to handle perfectly, but I cannot afford one of everything. Is there another model to consider maybe? I am looking for dependibility and long lasting, too. Thanks

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    Jun 2006
    Whites M-6
    1 times

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    I've had my M6 for sevaral months now, my first detector. It was very easy to learn to use, does a good job at identifying stuff, and I have gotten decent depth out of it. The only thing on your list I haven't done is beach hunting, but the M6 has a saltwater setting, so I believe it would work for that also.

    At this point, I'm 100% satisfied with this machine!

    No experience with the Minelab, so I can't help you there.

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    Jul 2007
    Western Massachusetts
    Minelab Excal 1000, Tesoro Silver Umax, Tiger Shark and Whites MXT.
    8 times

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    Thanks Rowdy, anyone else with an opinion?

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    Jun 2007
    Weymouth Mass
    Whites M6
    1 times

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    I did a lot of research before I bought my M6. I live close to many beaches and parks, playgrounds, and schools. I have only been detecting since June 2007 but have covered both land and sand. I have found much clad and some jewlery and I am happy with my detector selection. I do not know anything about the Minelab x-terra but believe it functions best on land. The M6 does very well on the beach and wet sand. Just my opinion but I would lean towards the M6.
    HH Roy

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    Feb 2005
    Menominee, Michigan
    7 times

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    i think it depends on what you want to do, they m6 is easyer to start out with, very good machine, but the 70 i think would be more versitale,the guy i bought my t2 from had 4 machines, all new to see what he preferedhe keeped the m6, worked best for him for park hunting, my buddy has the xt70, we hunt old logging, minning type of sites from the 1860's on, would like to get a 70 as a backup
    where's the good stuff

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    Jun 2007
    Explorer II, Whites M6 ,Whites Eagle II,Fisher 1270, Tesoro Conq. Umax w/manual G/B ,Discovery 3300

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    Hi, lost at sea, I have been using the M6 for the past 6 weeks in parks and schoolyards and it is fantastic. For durability I think the whites metal box machines are tops.I haven't used the M6 on the beach yet but it has a beach auto track GB setting and other users like it.I can't comment on the X 70, but there is no learning curve on the M6, it goes deep, has a bunch of optional coils available,and is fun to use.If i knew how good this machine was before I got it ,I would have gotten the MXT instead, Its the big brother of the M6,has a few more options, but runs on the same freq. and uses the same coils. ..Its a choice you have to make,you probably won't go wrong with either one... Good Luck,,HH..Rich. in S.La. 8)
    After Detecting,The World Will Look The Same,But You Will Never See It The Same Way Again!!

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    Dec 2006
    Watseka, Illinois
    Nokta Fors Core, X pointer, Sunrays
    48 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: White's M6 or Minelab x-terra 70?

    I say the M-6!!! The x-terra does have the option of frequency of coils but they are a bit high priced.. Did I mention I have a M-6 !! I've had 6 detectors in the past few months and this one stays!!



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