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Thread: Personal question... I struggle with now.

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    Great Job!!!!

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    Wow, those are Nice!
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    a decent filter for one's every action...kinda cuts to the heart of the matter as far as motive, and as far as who gets the final "thank you".

    Seems like you already have a pretty good handle on the former...praying for you as you seek the right "next step".
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    steve andermatt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limitool View Post
    I received an email yesterday from the President of the Rotary Club in Franklin TN. He told me they have a $500.00 check to present to me now. They gave a date in which to show up and say a few words during a breakfast at 7:00 am. (Jun.7th.).

    I'll be there and will speak. Outside of the "thank you's" it will be hard to do because I really don't know what to say? There giving the money to me to continue my effort toward building and donating these boxes to needy children / families. I've already build 10 custom toy boxes to donate this Christmas year which was completed today with my 17 y/o grandson helping.

    I'll pay personally for the Memorial Plates to mount in my daughters and grandsons names and will use the donated money to build the boxes next year. This was what I mentally struggled with. I totally help others all the time.... BUT... I've never had others step up to help me.

    And for those that offered you have my deepest appreciation again. I just can't believe this is now happening for real now.... Brad
    I love what you are doing it is inspiring.Keep up the good work.If there was anyway you could pass on your knowledge of woodworking to some of the younger generation it might generate more people helping, if it becomes to much for just you to handle.I was thinking talking to the high school shop class.Not sure if they still offer wood or metal shop in schools though.
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    Those Toy Boxes are awesome!
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    I know the background on this project and how it came about. Great you still got it goin on, and it seems to be growin. I would let people donate to help out with the costs to keep it goin, and let them be a part of it. And for proof of this bein a good thing, I see a couple of posters on this thread that if they told me the sun rose in the east I would call them a liar, but we agree on this, so they ain't so bad, which I guess is another good thing you've done Brad.
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    Just like Texas in 1880.

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    Brad...seems to me that you have shown a talent and a desire to help and provide for others....those are offering assistence to you so your talents can be further given..if it feels right, and continues to increase those that you can help, go with the flow....Gary
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    Thank you all... Brad
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