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Thread: Nails, Nails, and more nails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuperduke View Post
    Will do, there can only me so many....I figure after I find them all I can get to the good targets, there can only be 10k right?
    Give or take a few lol

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    Sounds like an old prohibition era place that I have detected in the past. Besides a ton of .22 shell casings the place is so littered with nails that it's basically impossible to detect there. It's the only place I have given up on, several times. We're not talking the top surface of nails -- I could rake that much up, but they are 3-4 inches down (maybe more), and pretty much interlaced. I'm going to give the place one more try this coming spring, this time with my Fisher F-75 (fully upgraded version), and use the 5-inch coil and the fast audio mode and see what happens. This time while I'm at it I'll remember to bring along a two-box, just in case there's something really nice to be had...

    So to answer your question, I only give up if nothing good is turning up after many hours, and even then I'll come back with a different machine and/or search coil if I think the place holds something of value. In the end, it's your town, so as if/when to give up is a decision only you can make.
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    Use a hard Tarmac rake with a super magnet attached to the head to pull the surface iron out of the way. With a little practice and a big enough magnet you will be surprised how much less junk iron there is.

    You have to get the iron out of the way to detect nuggets. Your 4000 is an excellet well proven nugget machine. More than likely the nails are from a long tom, not a living or working structure. In a hydraulic pit you should consider detecting around the working face of the pit. There will be less metal there and the wall/debris interface is a good trap for gold.

    Don't listen to that 50 year old relic nonsense. There is no such law and no one has ever gotten a ticket for detecting old junk on public lands. Internet myth.

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    The question remains do we need to carry A compass 77b with out ultra modern Equinox??

    As Far as I understand, as I donít have one... it runs on 100khz and blanks on nails and never false, and in mineral mode the opposite


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