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Thread: Digging trash!

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    Sep 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View Post
    This is an interesting thread. Ie.: Dig everything (even the iron and nails) "lest you miss a goodie !!" Right ? Who can argue with that logic. Right ? In my 43-ish years of this, I "came of age" in the era when it was suddenly possible to (gasp) pass iron. And came of age in the era when (gasp) it was suddenly possible to pass foil (if someone so-elected).

    And yes, EVEN BACK THEN : We heard the mantras of masking, or "might miss a gold ring", blah blah. Been there........ done that ....... Fast forward to now:

    a) I would challenge any of these "dig all the iron" fanatics to go to the typical west coast ghost town (cellar hole, adobe site, stage stop, etc...), and "be a hero" as they espouse. They would be: 1) better off simply sifting the entire top 1 ft. of ground, or 2) they disappear after the first 30 minutes of trying to "dig every nail".

    b) I had this debate with someone who was going to meet up with me at a certain CA park that was giving up deep old silver, at the time. When he learned that I (gasp) tend to pass shallow clad and foil, he BRISTLED at the concept. Eg.: You "might miss a shallow oldie" and "You might miss a gold ring" and "you'll miss nickels", blah blah blah. At the end of the hunt, the results were predictable: Me: A few silvers and some early early wheaties, and 2 or 3 clad, and almost zero junk. Him: A pocket full of junk and clad, and a single wheatie.

    See ? In his minds eyes, he was going to have the "best of both worlds". Ie.: oldies, rings, deep, shallow, etc.... But it never works out that way. Instead, sometimes a bit of cherry-picking IS the best tactic. You can ALWAYS find an "exception". But if you can only dig so-many-targets, in so-much-time, then sometimes you have to use your best-odds-favorites.
    Kinda apples to oranges on that one.
    My CZ does everything I want it to do in our soils and waterways here in Michigan, lest the dig it all thing.
    I know how mineralized your soil is!
    If I were there, I'd get myself a Fisher gold bug and master it.
    I don't care for sharks lol!
    A 50 inch muskee tried to eat me once and that was bad enough heh.


    I have always loved your informative posts.
    Always in-depth responses.
    Thanks for being you.
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    Feb 2013
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    I have done lots and lots of hunts where I told myself I was gonna "dig it all". After about an hour or two of doing it, I gravitate back to cherry picking again. I just get too tired to do it any more. No doubt I'm missing some stuff, but there's always next time. That's my thoughts on it anyway.
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    Apr 2017
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I think some of it depends on where you hunt, I hunt my families property, I’m the only one into detecting and we’ve had the land for like 140 years, I know that stuff isn’t going anywhere and I can come back over and over, so I go with what ever mood strikes me, some days I cherry pick some days I pull it all, had success both ways.
    If I was on a one time trip I’d probably start with high discrimination hoping for the best of the best then work my way down the scale as the targets dried up
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