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Thread: Pro advise needed

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    Nov 2019
    West Virginia
    Nox 600, Ace 400, Ace 250
    408 times
    Metal Detecting

    Pro advise needed

    Where have you all found the majority of your silver halfs and dollar coins? Any tips or tricks that go beyond the usual for finding them? Im using the nox 600, still learning it
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    Aug 2016
    6589 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Have only found one silver dollar and not many more silver halves, but the best advise I can give you on finding silver coins is to get permissions at older homes or property that haven't been searched before.

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    Charter Member

    Jul 2015
    Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania
    E-trac, Excalibur, XP Deus, & CTX 3030.
    23988 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Usually in the ground,

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    Apr 2009
    Cumberland Va
    3291 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (1)
    I haven't found any in MANY years. most all the silver I've found was a schools . the last time I hunted a school the cops were there within 15 mins . I now only hunt the woods so I don't have to deal with the law.

    just hunt where people gather , it's not hard at all to think of those places. parks , swimming holes , carnival grounds, churches, waysides , lovers lanes. the beach. playgrounds. if you put in the time and dig lots of targets you may get lucky with the big silver you seek.
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    I have found 32 Half Dollars. Most came from wooded Forest preserves and a handful came from yards. The 3 Morgan Dollars I found have all been found in farmers fields. 6 Eisenhower Dollar coins all came from yards. Best advice, is to do research and hunt in the old areas that were once used by people.
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    Charter Member
    Aug 2017
    Northern Virginia
    AT MAX/AT PRO/GPX-4500, Equinox 800, Garrett Pro Pointer,NEL Attack Coil, Lesche diggers, and the custom made in the USA Freeloader Pack Mule Pouch!
    6116 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    I'm still looking for one so if you figure it out let me know
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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

    Feb 2006
    South Central Upstate NY in the foothills of the headlands
    Minelab Musketeer Advantage Pro w/8" & 10" DD coils/Fisher F75se(Upgraded to LTD2) w/11" DD, 6.5" concentric & 9.5" NEL Sharpshooter DD coils/Sunray FX-1 Probe & F-Point/Black Widows/Rattler headphone
    14575 times
    Metal Detecting
    You do understand that when you ask for a consultation with a "Pro"; that is their profession and payment is implied. ;-)

    From a strictly amateur source - I have found Franklin and Kennedy halves at parks where there were church picnics (may be coincidence). The few dollar coins I have found are modern clad and were in a park that hosts summer fairs and carnivals. I don't think past residents in this area were big on carrying dollar coins.

    Found a nice Barber half in the back of a desk where it had fallen behind a drawer (I am guessing).
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    Silver Fiend

    Oct 2009
    9241 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I've only found 2 silver dollars, both in public park spaces that have hunted very hard before I ever got there. Silver halves are no different than any other coin, some private yards, some curb strips, some parks. The best bet for any kind of silver is private yards. You have a far lower chance of hunting behind someone else, but dont ever assume that just because its a private yard that nobody has hunted it during the last 60 years that this hobby has existed.
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    Charter Member
    Aug 2007
    Minelab E-Trac
    1631 times
    Metal Detecting
    Banner Finds (3)
    I have found 8 silver dollars in the woods were there was cattle once and now city park.
    And 8 or more halves seated liberty,barber and walking liberty in the same woods.
    One silver dollar on the edge of a ditch near the mail box.
    And a few half dollars on mowed areas of a park.
    If you have a woods connecting to a park or near town would be good places to detect.
    Side hills facing west are good. I never found coins on the east sides.
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    Charter Member

    Jan 2018
    Central Massachusetts
    Minelab equinox 800 & 600, 2 Garrett carrots, 3 NX6 shovels 2 broken, 31 Lesche shovel, whites digmaster, Lesche hand trowel, 3-5 gallon buckets full of crappola
    9228 times
    Coin shooting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    I found 4 silver half’s last year, 3 walkers and a barber, all but one in over grown, long forgotten city parks, place that were once popular gathering areas and now just woods. The other one was found on Hampton beach NH about 9” down at a popular spot to watch fireworks. Just the other day the guy I was digging with popped out a 1957 Franklin out of the middle of the woods, I think it’s a crap shoot, it’ll come up when you least expect it. Good luck
    I was a kid once, but I wasnt very good at it

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    Large coppers 30 (oldest 1657)
    Silver rings 10
    Gold rings 5
    Silver items 24
    Skeleton keys 5
    Military buttons 9
    Flat buttons 129
    IHP 57
    Flying eagle cent 1
    Spanish silver 4
    Silver thimbles 2
    Other than the finds, 2020 sucks
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    2021 YTD
    1 rotten KGII, only been out twice

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    Feb 2007
    267 times
    wet dirt
    I know a lot of good detectorists, i know others that are just plain lucky, I have never met a pro, so those of you that consider yourselves pros please reply.You can walk behind anyone and find something they missed. I could be the worst around but i still find stuff HH JIM
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    Charter Member

    Nov 2013
    XP Deus, F75Ltd., AT PRO, Garrett pointer
    87196 times
    Cache Hunting
    School yards where teachers would gather at recess. Football fields where bleachers are or were. I’ve had more luck where they were. Church softball fields is a great place. City picnic grounds if your city permits detecting. Ask your local VFW lodge if you can detect. Soccer fields around the field not on it.
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    Charter Member
    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola, Full sized shovel and a backhoe
    33283 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (8)
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Almost all of mine came from a cache of silvers I found in a busted old jelly jar a few years ago. Lying around, not so much, if any, if I remember.
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    Charter Member

    Feb 2007
    Arlington Heights, IL
    V3i, MXT-All Pro and Equinox 800
    1017 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Honorable Mentions (3)
    Only one silver dollar (so far). . . in the parkway in front of a early 1950s house.
    As far as half dollars, maybe a half dozen in adjacent parks around churches

    Best advice I can give you, dig ALL the can-lid targets. After digging two can lids in my silver dollar parkway, I was about to pass up on the 3rd can lid target. . . Im glad I didnt, it turned out to be a 1922 Peace Dollar.
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    Sep 2004
    1532 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Banner Finds (4)
    Hi , Newbies think we owe them something for some reason ? TP


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