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Thread: Looking for PhD Archaeologists/Anthropologists/Historians?

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    Once you get archaeologists involved, don't be surprised if they run you off and give you zero credit for all your work. They work for grants and have to be top dog. It's just how it is. The get $$$, we don't.
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    I'm not sure why you would need an archeologist to review research if you have the site available. Historian - yes. But an archeologist looks at the physical remains. Not the maps and documents and historical record.

    An anthropologist would be interested in the evidence that shows what the society and interactions of the residents was like. Again, unless it is their written record it is a matter for a historian.

    Case in point: locally there is a settlement known as "Castle Creek". So named because of the Native American "Castle" that was located up a feeder creek that fed into the Chenango River and was a battle in the Sullivan Campaign of the Revolution. One of General Sullivan's punitive forays against the British loyal Iroquois. Historically recorded as a fortified castle heavily defended and shown as a large palisade on maps. Archeologists later visiting the site found the remains of a few burnt-out longhouses that contained pumpkins and squash. No fort; wood or stone. No palisade. Just a small village that had some food set aside for the harsh upcoming winter. So they moved across the river after the soldiers left.

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    Here is a link to a very interesting read (for me) of what was involved 30 years ago when they did a dig across the river from the Castle Creek site (destroyed by the work for Interstate 81 in the 1960's). The intro will explain what goes into securing and gaining access to a site for a dig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kray Gelder View Post
    There isn't going to be any professional mutual respect, because you're not a professional. You need to spend 8 years or so, at an educational institution, get your own PhD, and then you can hang out with us. Good luck, start looting the site.

    I get your point, it is completely accurate and realistic because I have had an actual PhD tell me exactly the same thing on a different topic. The point of this thread was to crowdsource this community for potential qualified people to approach next, regardless of anybodyís opinion on the subject matter, and I have received two names and contact info for a govt agency. Iíve been given some names.... goal achieved.

    To expand on what I was told by this PhD a few years ago, he gave me additional advice on how to move forward as follows:

    ďYour other options are to self-publish, self-publish with professional endorsements, or go invest your time/money and earn your professional credit by way of earning your PhD.Ē

    He also said that if I did well enough in self publishing, that it would offer me some degree of professional credit on future projects.

    Either way..... The plan remains the same.... the Archaeologists/Anthropologists will be given to the opportunity to evaluate my project. Whether they take the opportunity or not is completely up to them. If they believe me to be a lesser person of quality by default, so be it.

    There is no offense taken by your comments, you speak the absolute truth. I donít have a PhD, but Iíve solved the problem anyway. This project is getting published eventually with or without their help or endorsement, but they will have had the opportunity to turn it down first. I know what the score is concerning my own academic credit. I have decisions to make and so do they.

    In my opinion, itís much easier to deal with the situation before the tooth paste is let out of the tube, and I am offering them that option. Once the information is made public.... it is what it is. My plan moving forward remains the same either way.

    If you have some names to put out there, by all means offer them up or send them my way. I will be more than happy to consider them. This is neither complicated nor difficult. Your comments are completely justified, legitimate, and completely relevant to this situation. But I do have additional options you didnít list, that I fully intend to execute either way.
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    Do you have any pictures of the site, any of the finds or any earthen structures? Nothing that would give away it's location mind you.
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    Good luck to you.
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    "And so the population was gradually led into the demoralising temptations of arcades, baths, and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as 'civilisation', when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement." Tacitus, Roman Senator and Historian, written AD 98.

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    Best of luck to you, also.
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    Gosh we've got bunches of PhD Archaeologists/Anthropologists/Historians around here. My first wife was a PhD archaeologist. They work pretty cheap. Most of them here work at McDonalds or Wendy's or have taken jobs in elementary education. It shouldn't be too hard to find an archaeologist with an opinion.

    Any Archaeologists/Anthropologists/Historians in academia have had to specialize to survive. You will probably need to find an archaeologist that specializes in your subject area before you can get a useful academic opinion.

    Kray Gelder called it right. There are historical and native sites everywhere you look all across this country. Trying to get someone to think your site is special enough to warrant further study will probably be an adventure. I wish you luck.
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    Unless the site you are investigating is being threatened by ground disturbing progress.....and unless you can find an archaeologist who will work for free.....or if you can find one who will give you ten minutes of their time to hear you out....this will never happen, trust me. If anything, you will end up being the accused and will get the dirty end of the stick.
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