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Thread: Just rant...

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    As your attorney, I advise you to try the chili burger. It's a hamburger, with chili on it...

    Jan 2011
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    Just a rant...

    Today has been a double whammy and I'm pretty aggravated right now..... I took some time off work while they rearrange the plant and make my life more difficult there, and decided that I would spend today hitting this spot I've had my eye on with big OLD oaks at the edge of the old downtown area.... Well, when I got there I found that the city had just mowed it and in the process scattered so much can slaw over the area that the whole place glittered in the sunlight So I thought I'd go hit a nearby park just hoping to not have the day be a total bust. Sadly in the little out of the way area I went to, some 𝚜̶𝚕̶𝚘̶𝚋̶𝚜̶ diggers had been there recently and left badly filled, or open holes all over. A couple of them looked like they'd been dug with a claw hammer... As a bonus, they had left bottle caps next to some, pull tabs by others, and at least a couple rusty nails. I picked up what I saw and tried to take care of the worst of the holes, then left because I saw a park truck cruising nearby and didn't feel like explaining that I hadn't even turned my machine on yet and those holes weren't mine.... Not what I wanted to be doing today at all. So here I am at home, about to check google earth for vacant lots in old neighborhoods and hopefully the slobs haven't been there first this time
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    Aug 2016
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    Yup, no shortage of genius' out there using a detector! Wonder what the city would have done to them had they been caught?
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    May 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by SD51 View Post
    Yup, no shortage of genius' out there using a detector! Wonder what the city would have done to them had they been caught?
    Likely they would have closed the park(s) to all - the responsible folks who clean up the messes left by the slobs as well as the guilty. Same deal with slob fishermen.
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    eye man

    Jan 2020
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    Same happened to me in E TN. I had hunted a wham/bam area and found lotsa stuff, Yankee mostly. Went back a few years later and the farmer remembered me and we had a pleasant talk. When it came for permission again, "sorry ****, I let in a "group", and they left holes every where. Not gonna let anyone detect here any more."
    And so it goes.
    UPYOURS whom ever you are/were.
    PS Found a 1917 TENN license tag there, in great shape. Sold it for $135.00 Don't know which Yankee was driving back then.
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    That's the reason why some cities just broad brush the "hole" hobby and ban. Some just don't have any respect for the ground they walk on.
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    Jul 2012
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    its so easy to fill the hole, i would like to catch 'em once.
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    Seems to be more and more common. I filled gigantic holes with the target - usually an aluminum can or something easily identified as junk left outside the hole. No wonder so many places are now off limits.

    When I detect the shoreline I need a separate container for the miles of monofilament that I pick up along with the assorted trash. I draw the line at feminine hygiene products and prophylactics. Some people are just animals. It also frosts me to find so many full “doggie doo-doo” bags. Do these dog owners really think that they are accomplishing anything by bagging dog cr*p and leaving it for someone else to clean up? At least if it wasn’t bagged it would eventually disintegrate instead of being preserved inside a plastic bag.

    Sorry for the rant but you started it

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